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Cashmanager RURAL ONLINE is the online version of New Zealand's leading farm management software Cashmanager RURAL.
The data is safely stored on a central server which you access across the internet. It allows you access from anywhere and lets you invite others to use selected parts of the software; this might include your accountant, consultant or even your financier. Read more

Don and Jess Moore, 2013 Sharemilker/Equity Farmers of the Year

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Southland sharemilkers Don and Jess Moore claimed one of New Zealand's top Dairy Awards with their 2013 National Sharemilker/Equity Farmers of the Year title. They use Cashmanager RURAL ONLINE to track their farm's performance.  Read more



CRS Software's Managing Director Brian Eccles is a guest speaker at the NZ Future Farms Conference, 20-21 October 2014, Mac's Function Centre, Wellington.








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Innovation roadmap - find out what's in store for  Cashmanager RURAL in the future. The roadmap sets out key priorities for the program.

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