Cashmanager RURAL helps farmers see the big picture


Cashflow forecasting and monthly revision with Cashmanager RURAL are unbelievably simple - ensuring it's easy to see the big picture

The budgeting power of Cashmanager RURAL is second to none. Cashmanager RURAL is a management tool designed to ensure money is spent where it gives the best productive return.

Cashmanager RURAL assists farmers to plan, do and then review. By following this planning process a cycle of continual improvement is achieved. This ensures farmers  see the big picture and make the most of opportunities.

Cashmanager RURAL is very good at recording transactions.  It uses electronic imports and auto-coding to take all the effort away. All codes are fully customised for your farm type. GST reporting is just a dream. Generating invoices is simple and clear. Preparing wage returns is as easy as clicking your mouse. 

Reporting and analysis are tailored to farming in a way traditional business accounting software simply cannot match. In this area, Cashmanager RURAL is in a class of its own.

Cashmanager RURAL combines basic accounting tasks with essential farm management tools in a way that no other program does, ensuring farmers improve productivity and save effort.

An online version uses the internet to access data on a central server; ensuring data is safe and accessible anytime. Learn more about Cashmanager RURAL ONLINE


Even if you have never done a cashflow forecast before, the "bottom up" planning process Cashmanager RURAL offers can lead you through the steps. It's simple and will help you build a plan you understand, you believe and you "own".

Cashmanager RURAL's planning tools make planning much easier.


As you complete each planned activity, you will generate financial records that will be coded to the same structure as the plan. This system ensures you have a good record of every farm activity you do.


Each month, Cashmanager RURAL will automatically replace the forecast with transaction information you have imported or entered. It will let you compare your plan to what really happened. Armed with this knowledge, you can review how effective your management was. Month-by-month you will have your finger on the pulse and month-by-month you will be learning how to improve.


With Cashmanager RURAL you will be amazed at how rewarding this task is and you will make better decisions in the future. It's called a cycle of improvement.