Better Budgeting

Cashmanager RURAL helps you plan for success and we want you to get the most out of it – so you can drill down into the detail. We’ve put together this handy set of better budgeting resources to ensure you get maximum results.

Here to support you

Whether you want to work on next year’s budget, or look at different ‘what if’ scenarios, Cashmanager RURAL helps you to build your budget in as little as five minutes.

There are a couple of options to help you quickly and easily build a budget. See our new HelpCentre information to get underway.

And our friendly Masterton-based support team are here to help you. You can reach them from 8.45am – 7pm weekdays on 0800 888 080. Your annual subscription includes unlimited access to our support team during weekdays. You can also use the online HelpCentre 24/7.


Farm Budgeting Made Easy

Our simple guide is designed to give you a better understanding of what you need for a farm budgeting system. You’ll learn how to set up, manage and gain the most from your farm budget, including:

  • Where to start
  • Your spending plan
  • Checklist for getting underway
  • How to revise in 20 minutes