Road Map


When you buy software you need to be assured it will continue to be enhanced so your purchase stays relevant and up to date.

The CRS Software team is constantly updating the software and releasing new features.

Recent enhancements include:-

Livestock Upgrade: takes all the great features from Cashmanager RURAL's cashflow and applies them to stock management to give you a 12 month stockflow. It lets you see at a glance all your livestock information month by month, making it easy to track farm performance throughout the year.

GST Upgrade: to comply with the GST rate change to 15% use Cashmanager RURAL 4.2 or newer. 

Digital Dashboard: The opening screen contains four graphs that quickly show the position of the business compared to last year or to budget. Dairy will show KGMS/month, Farm Working costs per KgMS, cash surplus for month and daily bank balance. Sheep and beef will show numbers of animals sold and average price plus cash surplus for month and daily bank balance.

Online Upgrade: Cashmanager RURAL ONLINE solves all the problems associated with moving data from one computer to another. This benefit is especially important where accountants or farm consultants are involved. It also allows a farm secretary to enter data at their office and the farmer to work from theirs - even if seperated by many miles.

Electronic download and Autocoding: In today's connected world it is easy to electronically import all your transactions from your bank or invoice lines from your trading company statements saving you time in the office. Cashmanager RURAL also has auto-coding which will automatically code most lines, greatly reducing the effort of entering transactions and greatly improving accuracy.

SQL Database: The underlying database has been upgraded to Microsoft SQL, providing much faster operation and reporting.