Why your practice will love it

Enjoy helping your clients reach their farm financial goals. Cashmanager RURAL empowers farmers to take control of their farm financials, letting you focus on adding value.

Gain time

Streamlining your business practice frees up more time to add value.

  • Cashmanager RURAL works seamlessly with accounting programs: MYOB, Xero, APS, BankLink and Exon.

Cashmanager RURAL is flexible so you can unlock data to correct and clean easily.

  • Fix data errors without journals
  • Map your Chart of Accounts to Cashmanager RURAL codes and export directly into your accounting program.


Be more productive

When everyone sees the same information – available in real time, you can be sure you’re helping clients make informed decisions with confidence.

Keeping everyone in the loop helps you be more productive and proactive, especially as farm ownership models change.

When your clients have multiple farms, consolidated reporting lets you monitor how two or more businesses are performing, in a single view. Convenient, easy to understand and available in real time, cloud reporting means governance decisions can be made with confidence, straight away.

“So often in the past when I have wanted consolidated data I would have to set aside time to do battle with a spreadsheet. With the CRS consolidated reports the exercise is simple so we can spend more time working on outcomes for the future.”

Alistair McLennan, Director, Moore Stephens Markhams Wairarapa Ltd.

Add value

With Cashmanager RURAL, you can look forward together and plan ahead.

Without a plan it’s hard to know where you are heading. Hold clients to their goals, and use Cashmanager RURAL as a management tool to keep them on track. Use tailored farm management reports to add value and be proactive. A timely adjustment made today may pay dividends at year end.

Use Cashmanager RURAL as a management tool to show clients how they’re tracking:

  • Performance Summary (Economic Farm Surplus) Reports to measure key farm performance indicators.
  • Simplified stock reconciliation captured as part of your client’s budget cashflow. Add value when you show your clients in Cashmanager RURAL how a change in stock numbers will affect productivity and overall business goals. Try out different scenarios to help them plan forward for livestock decisions.

Strengthen your client relationships by providing advice based on robust financial forecasts.

  • Profit and Loss Reports
  • Equity reporting – a snapshot of your client’s equity at any point in time; useful for leveraging.
  • Variance Reporting – compare and track actual budget and revised cashflows throughout the year.
  • Economic Farm Surplus Report – see the big picture of expenses per head of livestock or milk solids per hectare.

Working with Cashmanager RURAL in your practice is flexible – support your clients as they budget and forecast. Or, your clients can use Cashmanager RURAL to take control of their budget and involve you when they need expert advice.

Get in touch with our team to learn more about how Cashmanager RURAL can work for you.