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Give your accountant or banker the information they need. Complete your own GST and payroll, and stay ahead of the game with all the knowledge you need to make confident decisions on-farm.

Farming Focused

Scenario Planning and Analysis

Knowledge is power. Top farmers don’t achieve good results by luck, they measure information, analyse it and use that knowledge to drive policy.

Modelling ‘what if’ scenarios and measuring information will help you make better decisions, faster.

Confident decision making means you’re well placed to recognise and maximise income opportunities when they come along. Ultimately, you’ll gain a big picture view. This can translate to improved outcomes, be it more milk in the vat or more lambs on the ground.

Manage Livestock

Your most valuable asset behind land, good livestock management is key to farming success. Recording weights and quantities alongside financial information means that you can make the best production decisions at every review.

With Cashmanager RURAL livestock, you can monitor stock actions month-by-month, create a budget for proposed stock purchases, sales and other livestock movements and adjustments. And get a year-end stock reconciliation at the click of a button.

Forecast Dairy Revenue

Entering and maintaining milk production data has never been so quick and efficient.

The new online dairy forecaster lets you update the latest dairy prices with a single click. The impact of dairy price changes on annual revenue can be seen immediately.

The dairy forecaster makes it easier to monitor your annual dairy revenue and get an accurate picture of how your production is tracking. By selecting your dairy company in the dairy forecaster it automatically configures the capacity adjustment and production year dates.

Reports that speak your language

Reporting is tailored to farming in a way traditional business accounting software cannot match.

A raft of reports including cashflow, year to date, variance, equity and trend reports provide insight for you and those you need to keep informed.

The Economic Farm Surplus Report is a performance summary, with analysis to standard benchmarks per ha, head or kg of production. Loved by farmers, bankers and consultants – this report makes sense of farm financials.

Farmer Centric

Cashmanager RURAL comes pre-set with sample codes for your style of farm. It’s easy to understand and manage because it’s focused on cash. There’s no need to spend hours setting up before you start as all codes can be changed and re-arranged at any time.

You can closely monitor your income and expenses and forecast cashflow in real time. Cashmanager RURAL uses farmer-friendly language and is intuitive for farmers to use.

Plan Forward With Confidence

Revising your spending plan with Cashmanager RURAL is quick and easy. By keeping your budget alive you can see how you’re tracking through the year. Compare today’s actuals with your plan and make adjustments as you need.

Variance reports are a handy tool for governance and reporting when you have business partners you’re accountable to.

Multi-Farm Reporting

Monitor multiple farms with ease. Cashmanager RURAL’s web-based consolidated reports gives you the ability to see all your farm financial information, across multiple businesses, in a single view.


A simple easy to use wagebook. Record all your wage details including gross payments, tax, allowances and leave. Ideal for farmers who employ a few staff and don’t need a full payroll system. IR345 returns completed and printed ready to send to IRD.


Takes care of those ‘have to dos’. Preparing GST is easy and set up for farming – for example you can auto split transactions between private use with GST claimable and business use by a percentage.