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From 1 April 2019, Payday Filing will be compulsory for all employers.

Currently, employers file employee earnings and PAYE information each month, no matter how frequently employees are paid. For example, if you pay employees fortnightly, it’s filed with IRD the following month.

Under Payday Reporting and Filing, this information is filed with IRD within two days of the employees being paid.

What does this mean for Cashmanager RURAL?

As legislative requirements become increasingly complex we believe the simple wagebook in Cashmanager RURAL may not meet your employer obligations in the future.

For this reason, we don’t intend to move into the payroll space and believe this is best left to specialist providers. We have made the decision not to update the wagebook to create returns for payday filing with IRD.

We will continue to supply the tools our clients need for planning and forecasting and look to partner with specialists for systems such as payroll.

There are a number of easy-to-use and time-saving payroll providers that specialise in employer compliance and farming businesses.

Cloud payroll providers, such as PaySauce and SmartPayroll, are also cost effective, as their pricing consists of a small fee per pay run.

For more information on Payday Filing please see our Helpcentre


  • Moray Abernethy says:

    Hi Team at CCM
    As a long time user of cash manager (since I think 1998). I feel let down by your not moving ahead to meet legislative changes in the basic wage book in Cash manager rural.

    Once we update to Focus will there be the provision for Payday filing including Employment Information Form?

    Up till now the CCM has been able to stream line banking, IRD, Accountant, Livestock services with imputing once into CCM then exporting direct to which ever entity to meet compliance requirements. By having to use a third party Wage system there will be double handling costing time & the cost of additional program.

    • Jo Hall says:

      Hi Moray

      We did consider including payday filing in Cashmanager RURAL.
      However, we recognised the simple wagebook may not be enough for employers to meet increasingly complex legislative requirements.

      As a growing number of our clients are choosing to use a payroll program, we have decided it would be best to partner with payroll providers instead of creating a new system.
      Most providers are cost-effective and only charge you when you use their software to run a pay.

      Cashmanager RURAL does allow you to import wage-related transactions from a number of payroll providers, which limits double handling of data entry.
      This topic on our Help Centre explains more Import Payroll Information

      Our new product, Cash Manager Focus will have a direct feed from payroll providers which means wage transactions will arrive automatically into your Cashmanager farm business.

      I hope this answers your query and explains our position in this area.

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