CRS Software

Farmer-founded, we’ve been making farm financial software for over 30 years. Discover more about the company, our approach and our evolution.

Our journey:

CRS Software is proudly kiwi-owned and provincially-based, we build farm financial software to help farmers reach their goals.

Founded in 1981 by three Wairarapa farmers, CRS Software today helps farmers manage an estimated $10 billion dollars of agri-business revenue.  Over many decades we’ve learned a lot. It’s with confidence we can say we understand the business of farming.

Our approach:

We involve farmers to ensure we’re providing the best product that meets their financial needs, today and tomorrow.

Because we focus on farming, the program is tailored to rural businesses. It has all the financial reporting you need to measure and manage your farm performance, production and forecasting in a format both you and your bank value.

Cash Manager Focus is simple, easy to use and made for the business of farming. We believe any farmer can use it.

Making timely, informed on-farm decisions is your job, ours is to provide the means to help you do that. Having accurate information at your fingertips when you need it takes the hard work out of managing the farm’s finances.

Our evolution:

At CRS Software we are constantly striving to raise the bar and deliver better solutions for farmers. In keeping with our commitment to progressing the industry, we are excited to introduce the next generation of Cashmanager RURAL, Cash Manager Focus.

Not only does this new product enable farmers to work smarter, not harder, and streamline tasks, it contains useful automations, and has a fresh look. Cash Manager Focus has all the features farmers need for compliance, planning and making decisions with confidence, ensuring a seamless end-to-end experience.