About us

CRS Software Ltd was born out of frustration and an inability to predict a farm business future.

So, in 1981 three Wairarapa farmers figured there must be a better way to make very informed decisions about tomorrow and be able to quickly change direction as that future unfolded.

It meant building more than just accounting software which only has the capacity to look backwards.


What you measure you can manage


The partners of CRS Software built a farm management platform on the premise that what farmers measure, they can manage.

What Cash Manager Focus provides is timely, informed scenarios, which can be tracked in real time and adjusted as the weather, day-to-day management decisions and the market unfolds.

Cash Manager Focus has continually evolved and is the ultimate tool for the finance and forecasting side of farming.

Our cloud-based software solves the practical needs of farmers, giving them greater clarity around decision making and allowing them to quickly modify those decisions as the future arrives.


Easy To Use


Cash Manager Focus has been built from the ground up, as simple, easy-to-use software. It is as close to a crystal ball as you’ll find in farming.

From a Masterton base, Cash Manager Focus continues to mature by closely involving farmers in its design.

Cash Manager’s features around farm financial compliance, scenario planning and allowing informed and confident decision-making, sees it managing more than $10 billion of agri-business revenue a year.


Clarity of future-based choice


Like its farmer clients, Cash Manager Focus continues to innovate and enable certainty of direction for land-based businesses.

Informed by the past, measurable in the present and adaptable for the future, Cash Manager Focus provides clarity and knowledgeable choice.

CRS Software was initiated by farmers for farmers to make better farming decisions.

While we hesitate to say we help farmers predict the future, we sure as heck give a pretty good steer of where things are heading and how you can take advantage of it