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Our Accredited Partner Programme is designed to recognise those accounting firms we regard as experts in the agricultural sector. They have demonstrated outstanding knowledge of Cashmanager RURAL, and can help add value to your farming business. In this blog we profile Christchurch practice, Brown Glassford and Co Ltd.

Brown Glassford have a long history providing specialist farm accounting and business advice to the rural community.

Our three Directors, Peter Glassford, Paul McCarron and David Seath, together with our Business Consultant, Graham Brown, all possess specialist expertise in all aspects of agribusiness. The combination of experience, expertise and quality staff make us one of the leading providers of farm accounting services in the South Island. By focusing entirely on farm accounting we have a distinct ability to add value to your farming business.

Brown Glassford partnered early with Cashmanager RURAL, a program that enables us to work with you on your business in a simple and efficient way that achieves results. Cashmanager RURAL is New Zealand’s leading cloud-based farm financial software. Created for farmers, by farmers, it’s the only online program built for rural broadband. Because no farm is the same, the program can be tailored to suit different farm types: dairy, sheep and beef, or cropping.

Cashmanager RURAL, supported by Brown Glassford, enables farmers to plan farming activities and see the financial implications. With monitoring and reporting tools, the program is designed to help farmers keep an eye on their results, so they can plan forward; aiming for a continuous cycle of improvement.

Using a plan, do, review approach, Brown Glassford can use Cashmanager RURAL to help farmers keep on track to achieve short and long-term goals for the farm. It allows farmers to see the bigger picture and have more control over the where the farm business is heading.

Live bank feeds make Cashmanager RURAL a solution that can achieve all of this, along with your GST and annual accounting coding in a productive and efficient way.

Accreditation means staff at Brown Glassford are highly trained to use all the features of Cashmanager RURAL, in a way that gives the best information and maximises results for our farming clients.

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