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Our Accredited Partner Programme is designed to recognise those accounting firms we regard as experts in the agricultural sector. They have demonstrated outstanding knowledge of Cashmanager RURAL, and can help add value to your farming business. In this blog we profile Crowe Horwath, AccountAbility.

Crowe Horwath are the largest provider of practical accounting and business advice to rural New Zealand. Crowe Horwath brings experience across the entire spectrum.

Crowe Horwath value agri-business clients as the backbone of the NZ economy and know the challenges and volatility of businesses that rely on often uncontrollable external factors, such as the weather and international markets. Many of Crowe Horwath’s agri specialists have rural backgrounds and work with a range of businesses, including large and small farms, horticulture, aquaculture and tourism.

Crowe Horwath offers you practical ways to manage risk and volatility, improve profits and reduce costs – from cashflow to risk insurance, as well as being able to look to the long-term and help you with succession planning and wealth management. Crowe Horwath offers a full suite of services, specifically tailored to our agri-business clients, to assure them that they have the capability to look after both business and lifestyle goals.

With a significant number of clients already on Cashmanager RURAL, it has proven itself to be a key piece of software. This is why Crowe Horwath ensured they had their own in-house specialists, to meet the growing demand. Crowe Horwath advisors enjoy the benefit of being able to approach their specialists to extract information from the client’s system.

Ensuring their clients have confidence in their ability is important to them. Gaining accreditation from Cashmanager RURAL lets Crowe Horwath’s clients know they are qualified to be supporting them, and they know what they are talking about.

Crowe Horwath also acknowledges the ever-changing landscape of marketplace software and knows it is imperative to keep up-to-date with on-going changes. Becoming accredited is one way Crowe Horwath can ensure they are doing this. 


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