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Our Accredited Partner Programme is designed to recognise those accounting firms we regard as experts in the agricultural sector. They have demonstrated outstanding knowledge of Cashmanager RURAL, and can help add value to your farming business. In this blog we profile Farming Growth, a specialist rural business division of PKF Carr & Stanton.

Farming Growth is a specialist rural business division of PKF Carr & Stanton, our successful accounting and advisory firm, assisting Hawke’s Bay businesses for the past 80 years.

We like to understand our clients’ businesses, their goals, their structure and the dynamics that drive their daily lives. We bring a robust set of skills and an independent voice that assist our clients’ to make the right decisions.

It’s the purely rural focus, the understanding of rural businesses and our long term view and support that sets Farming Growth apart.

The team is led by Director, Campbell Brenton-Rule, who works with a dedicated group of equally committed business advisers focused on farming success – your success.

One of our recommended software products is the Cashmanager RURAL software package, which supports our clients to financially manage their business. Campbell Brenton-Rule says “It’s great to see a product that is suitable for all types of rural clients, from a sheep farmer right through to a winery. Cashmanager RURAL is also a fantastic tool to help farmers keep track of their stock numbers from one financial year to the next.”

One of our newest farming clients, Paul Sherwood, has this to say about the Farming Growth team and Cashmanager RURAL:

“I decided to change to the Farming Growth team after I attended an open evening they held running different seminars about some of the technology Farming Growth use to help their clients achieve their goals.

“I was very impressed with how they incorporated the use of the latest technology with people that were specialising in agriculture accounting and were able to convey this to their clients in an understandable way.

“I think Farming Growth are unique in the sense that they have committed to agriculture in Hawke’s Bay and that gives me great confidence that I have the best accountants and business advisers for my business.

“Cashmanager plays a big role in our farm business. It is used from the early stages of budgeting through to revising against our actual figures. This information is vital for us, not only to satisfy ourselves that we are on track to achieve what we set out to do, but it also satisfies the professionals we work with, giving them confidence that we understand our business and are monitoring it. This allows us to react to any of the numerous changes that happen running an agricultural business.

“Cashmanager is also convenient, in the sense that everything is in one place; invoicing, wages etc, and are all interlinked, which makes keeping the books a lot more streamlined and efficient.

“Cashmanager also seems to be very proactive in upgrading the program, the inclusion of Bank Feeds and the ability to link Farmax into Cashmanager makes using this program even more powerful and time efficient.”

PKF Carr & Stanton and our Farming Growth team are proud to be a Cashmanager RURAL accredited partner. Our clients view us as a strategic partner in their businesses and we look forward to continuing to assist them to achieve their business goals.

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