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Our Accredited Partner Programme is designed to recognise those accounting firms we regard as experts in the agricultural sector. They have demonstrated outstanding knowledge of Cashmanager RURAL, and can help add value to your farming business. In this blog we profile Shand Thomson.

At Shand Thomson we live and work in the heart of rural Otago and supporting, growing and helping agri business is what we do.  We believe in excellence, integrity and innovation – values that drive both our thinking and how we work with people to achieve what they want from their agri business.

Being part of the team that works with farming folk to build successful futures for themselves, their families and our rural communities spins our wheels and we love to help projects and plans come to fruition.   

We provide a full range of business services – advisory, accounting and taxation, succession planning, administration support, assistance with finding best fit business IT solutions, and employer advice.   Pioneers in the provision of agri business statistics to farmers, extracting “the story” told by financial statements through easy to understand narrative, KPIs and agri benchmarking has been our hallmark for over 25 years and we are always striving to improve and innovate in this space. 

Shand Thomson is an accredited partner with Cashmanager RURAL as we always work with our clients’ software choices, helping them get the best from whatever they choose to use for their business.   Cashmanager RURAL has a solid reputation as a long-time partner for agri business and is a great choice for those who want to know where they are and where they are headed.      

We like the integrated one stop solution Cashmanager RURAL has always provided and the software has always been easy to use relative to the functionality it provides.  The shared online access means we can work easily with our clients, helping with any complex transactions and accessing the latest financial data for tax planning and financing advice.  We’re looking forward to the new platform but happily recommend the current one.     

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