Beyond Compliance

Cash Manager Focus empowers farmers to take control of their farm financials, letting you focus on adding value. Improve efficiencies in your practice and strengthen client relationships. Enjoy helping your clients reach their farm financial goals.

Gain time

Get more done by working online with Cash Manager Focus. Automated data improves accuracy and eliminates data entry.

Be More Productive

Get more from your client meetings when you share a common view of the farm financials. Better business solutions tailor-made for farming businesses.

Add Value

Enjoy seeing your clients achieve their financial goals for the farm and family. Farm management software that integrates with Xero and MYOB to offer better insights into farm management.

Advisor's Features

Working online, Cash Manager Focus can halve the turnaround time to update your client data. Eliminate time wasted on file transfers and backups and enjoy improved data accuracy and security. Looking after farm finances is easier when they’re cloud based.

When everyone sees the same information - available in real time, you can be sure you’re helping clients make informed decisions with confidence.

Add value

With Cash Manager Focus, you can look forward together and plan ahead.

Without a plan it’s hard to know where you are heading. Use Cash Manager Focus as a management tool to keep clients on track. Use tailored farm management reports to add value and be proactive. A timely adjustment made today may pay dividends at year end.

Use Cash Manager Focus as a management tool to show clients how they’re tracking:

  • Simplified stock reconciliation captured as part of your client’s budget cashflow. Add value when you show your clients in Cash Manager Focus how a change in stock numbers will affect productivity and overall business goals. Try out different scenarios to help them plan forward for livestock decisions.

Strengthen your client relationships by providing advice based on robust financial forecasts.

  • Variance Reporting – compare and track actual budget and revised cashflows throughout the year.

Working with Cash Manager Focus in your practice is flexible – support your clients as they budget and forecast. Or, your clients can use Cash Manager Focus to take control of their budget and involve you when they need expert advice.

Get in touch with our team to learn more about how Cash Manager Focus can work for you.

Questions about managing your farm finances online?

Managing your finances is simple with Cash Manager Focus. There are a swag of advantages to using our cloud-based farm financial software and we’d love to hear from you if you have a question, big or small.

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