Accredited Partner Programme

Adding value in your practice

Our Accredited Partner Programme is designed to recognise those accounting firms we regard as experts in the agricultural sector. They have demonstrated outstanding knowledge of Cash Manager Focus, and can help add value to farming businesses.

What can we expect?

As an accredited specialist, you have already built up your service offering to the rural sector. As a solution provider, you have the product understanding to help clients achieve farm financial goals.

We will support you to strengthen this offering: providing you up-skilling sessions to give you the tools to work with clients on building a budget, inputting correct data; and using the valuable reports to understand and deliver the big picture.

With a deeper knowledge of our software, you are able to work with your clients to analyse their own farm data to set goals and achieve them.

We’re interested in becoming accredited

If you would like more information about becoming an accredited partner, please contact our partner specialist, Mari Gommans: mari.gommans@crssoftware.co.nz