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Hamish Hammond and his partner Rachel Gardner find Cash Manager Focus gives them the information they need to make the right decisions for their farm businesses, while saving them valuable time. 

Hamish Hammond and Rachel Gardner

The couple juggle their own successful contract milking business, as well as contributing to Hamish’s family’s fourth generation dairy farm in the Wairarapa. Life is busy. 

“Previously I would plan and monitor my cashflow budgets using Microsoft Excel. This was a time-consuming process compared to what I do now in Focus. I simply login from any device with internet, check and confirm any new transactions and within no time at all I have an up-to-date and accurate year to date budget” 

They recently won the 2019 Hawkes Bay Wairarapa Share Farmers of the year and are actively taking on more responsibilities on the family farm. With two businesses to think about they both like to know exactly where they’re at. 

“Any time I access Focus I can quickly determine our current cash position, future cash positions and a predicted end of year. This helps decision making. I can decide how much I can spend and if we have the capacity to make investment decisions.”

Rachel says that Focus has also helped with making good calls on contract opportunities.

“We’ve been able to better assess milking contracts using the forecast function in Focus. We took a contract this year which was a tough call, but we could see that there was profit in it and how to make it work for us.”

Hamish, who is taking on a lot of the ‘tech’ side of things for his father, has found that using Cash Manager Focus has moved them away from an office set up where you have rifle through papers. 

“Dad was always paper based. We still have plenty of paper reports at the office, and we use printed paper cashflow budget for reporting and during meetings. But Focus helps us collate and store electronic budget plans so we can easily access these in the future, instead of ruffling through piles of paper.”

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