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“Importing my bank statement eliminates errors and makes reconciling a breeze.”
Mel Handyside, Award winning Sheep, Beef and Cropping Farmer, South Wairarapa.

Award winning South Wairarapa farmers Mel and Ed Handyside have a lot to manage on their 930 ha sheep, beef and mixed cropping farm ‘Te Hopai’. Raising a young family and managing the farm accounts keeps Mel very busy. Anything that makes her life easier when it comes to month end is a blessing which is why she loves importing her bank statements.

“I used to enter everything manually which took a long time and I would often make mistakes entering the data. Now, with the click of a button, my bank statements are imported directly from my bank into my Cashmanager RURAL. It’s quick, easy and hassle free. It also gives me greater confi dence because I know the data is accurate.” Mel says bank importing is “super easy” to use but above all recommends it because of its time saving benefits. Her next goal is to import her Farmlands Account.

She’s already looking forward to the time this will free up as she’ll no longer have to manually enter and code the data herself.

And you can also send Transactions from Cashmanager RURAL to your bank. Save time by using your Cashmanager RURAL to send a list of payments directly to your online banking software. This allows information about who to pay, when and how much to be set up in your online banking – saving you from entering it manually in your bank’s website. To save effort entering the remaining transactions that will appear on your bank statement, eg automatic payments and bank fees, it’s still worth using the bank import. Your exported payments will show as duplicates and are easily deleted. It’s a fast and efficient way to keep your database up to date, and lets you control how you pay your bills.

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