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The Better Budgeting Roadshow will explore options and better decision making for sheep and beef farmers.

Following hot on the heels of our ‘Getting Through’ dairy roadshow, Cashmanager RURAL has extended our roadshow for sheep and beef farmers.

The Better Budgeting roadshow will demonstrate how the Cashmanager RURAL budgeting system has the potential to help sheep and beef farmers model different scenarios and manage any season.

Get the nut and bolts of the system from Cashmanager RURAL managing director and owner, Brian Eccles, who will explain how to model scenarios, validate your preferred solution, implement your plan and monitor its progress.

The roadshow is coming to a town near you. You can visit Eventbrite to register for your local event.

Better Budgeting resources

Cashmanager RURAL helps you plan for success and we want you to get the most out of it – so you can drill down into the detail.

Don’t forget our handy set of resources that will ensure you get maximum results, including our HelpCentre budgeting information and simple guide to farm budgeting, which is still available for download.

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