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Better dairy benchmarking – Dairy NZ’s DairyBase and Cashmanager RURAL launch trial

Cashmanager RURAL and DairyBase have joined forces to bring customers a better understanding of farm performance. A pilot is underway to provide more up-to-date benchmarking data, allowing dairy farmers to make more timely decisions.

Every two months, farms taking part in the pilot will be able to look at how their working expenses compare to a DairyBase benchmark in the current season. Results will be reported in a format similar to this bar chart:

“This information allows farmers to deal with productivity issues quickly and efficiently. For example, if a farmer finds their animal health expenditure against profit is higher than their peers, then they have the opportunity to address this issue by revisiting their existing farm policies.”

Brian Eccles, Managing Director of CRS Software

Recruiting farmers to trial this benchmarking tool is underway – 100 farms will be taking part in the trial.

If you’re an owner-operator (100% milk cheque) with your farming business under one GST entity in Waikato, Taranaki, Canterbury, or Southland, you can take part. There’s no cost to join the trial, and you’ll get current season benchmarking reports for your farm. If you meet this criteria and want to take part in the trial, email Sally Lee at malcolm.sally@outlook.co.nz or phone 07 825 2911.


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