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Lay Associates Chartered Accountants are fans of Cash Manager Focus (Focus) because this farm management software makes their job easier. 

With offices in Leeston, Rolleston and Ashburton, and a large rural customer baseLay Associates’ Viv McLachlan says staff are always on the lookout for latest adaptions and technology that give staff and customers an advantage in the competitive financial planning market. 

She says many of their rural customers manage quite challenging and complex businesses basically on their own – “if there’s a tool we can introduce to make their job easier we’re on board immediately.” 

She says Focus ticks all the boxes for many reasons with the most important being it’s easy to navigate which is a big plus for users …on and off farm. 

“Focus is our preferred option for our rural clients who demand accurate planning and budgeting figures. 

 “With banks requiring more and more detail around financial transactions, and compliance requirements changing, farmers are faced with spending more time than ever in the office. This is where Focus makes a difference!  

“This software comes with a number of automated processes making budgeting and planning a much simpler, more streamlined process. We’re obviously pleased because customers come to us with a more complete financial statement which saves them, and us time and money.”  

Viv says the software has a number of advantages such as up to date stock numbers and online bank feed information, plus reports are much easier to understand.  

She says clients can give her on-line access and this close communication, between accountant and farmer, has proved to be a time and worry saving bonus. 

“We tend to hear from banks when clients are struggling and being able to help our customers get a budget together quickly and into Focus saves a lot of lost sleep. If required I can get on-screen at the same time and work with my customer which gives me a better understanding of what is happening on farm at that time.” 

Viv says she can think of two or three Focus users who are now much happier simply because they are more confident around their budgeting – they can go into Focus and navigate their own way around, get some solid figures in place so they know exactly where they are at. That’s powerful information for them, and for us as their accountant.  

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