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As a long term fan of Cashmanager RURAL, Tracey Howes has eagerly awaited the release of Cash Manager Focus, and already has new clients using the product.

Based in Timaru, Tracey is a client manager for accountancy practice, Martin Wakefield Ltd, a firm that has gained accreditation as a recognised expert under the Cashmanager RURAL Accredited Partner Programme.

“Over the last few years we have signed up many farmers to Cashmanager as it makes sense to have farmers on a specific farming product. This works in with their farm advisors and is also a system bank managers are familiar with,” Tracey says.

“The reports you can generate in Cashmanager are certainly a fantastic feature. The idea of an upgrade to an already top notch software is exciting.”

A big selling point for Focus is its online capability and the fact it’s device compatible.

“We were finding the banks were encouraging rural clients to purchase or move to online software that they partner with.  Cashmanager was our first choice hands down.  I’m a Cashmanager advocate through and through.”

In light of that, the release of Focus was very timely and Tracey is already using most of the features in the new product.

“I have been coding transactions, creating coding rules and preparing GST returns for clients. Next up to learn is the plan area of the system, entering budget details and reporting on them.

“At the moment I’m liking using it and I look forward to watching it grow and seeing the new enhancements as they become available, like the migration tool and reporting,” she says.

“I like the new, online, modern feel of the system and that the bank transactions automatically appear – I don’t have to download them. I also like the greater flexibility and choice for coding rules. That’s definitely going to reduce coding time and work well for the Farmlands feed.”

Tracey is also a big fan on the online HelpCentre and support team.

“The HelpCentre is a useful feature, I have referred to it often while learning my way around the system.  Having the chat function and assistance from the support team is also a great benefit.  It’s easy and they’re approachable and helpful. They make you feel like they care about your problem – I never hesitate to ring.”

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