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Cashmanager RURAL Reports available on any device

Cloud reporting uses data in Cashmanager RURAL online and makes it available on any web-enabled device. No installation required; simply log in to www.cashmanagerrural.nz to view your reports anywhere, anytime.

Convenient, easy, and available in real-time, Cashmanager RURAL’s cloud reporting allows you to:

  • View single farm reports without being tied to your PC
  • Monitor how two or more farms are performing in a single view
  • Share easily with your management team and advisors – all you need is an internet connection.

Consolidated Reporting for Multiple Farms

“So often in the past when I have wanted consolidated data I would have to set aside time to do battle with a spreadsheet. With the CRS Consolidated Reports the exercise is simple so we can spend more time working on outcomes for the future.”

Alistair McLennan, Director, Moore Stephens Markhams Wairarapa Ltd.

Cashmanager RURAL’s Consolidated Reports enables you to see all your farm financial information, across multiple businesses, in a single view. Available as an open preview, you can trial Consolidated Reporting now during its free evaluation period.

You’ll need at least two farm businesses to be able to use Consolidated Reports.

To get started, you’ll also need to set up a Portfolio that includes all the farms you want the consolidated report to capture. You can create multiple portfolios, which is useful when you want to compare smaller groups of similar farms against each other.

See our HelpCentre for more on Setting up a Portfolio.

There are currently four Consolidated Reports available:

  • Total Bank Balance – a whole of business view, check how your total bank balance is tracking across all farms.
  • Summary View – ideal for a governance board. This report offers a summarised view of the financial position across all farms in a portfolio.
  • Cashflow – gives you a combined view of monthly cashflow across all businesses in a portfolio.
  • YTD Variance – where you can see how all your businesses are tracking against budget.

For more information on the reports and how to access them see our help centre.


  • BALES eLLIOT says:

    This does not look especially useful for a small one operator farm that has a low key production system also low cost with reasonable net margin. Computing farm financials is to enable self doing gst returns and end of year reporting to accountant who is in effect acting as auditors for IRD. Data laden budgets for banks and or other money lenders is needless and as for governance-best done in the paddock and stock yards

    • Rebecca Harper says:


      This particular function was developed in response to customer demand for multi-device access (like from a tablet).


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