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Many farming businesses now use a payroll system to record employee wage information and Cashmanager RURAL allows for easy importing with a number of these systems.

Using systems like AcePayroll, IMSPayroll, SmoothPay or Crystal Payroll in New Zealand and PayForce or SmoothPay in Australia, you can import your employee wage information into your Cashmanager RURAL farm business.

Each wage can be broken down into a multi-line transaction displaying gross, PAYE and any deductions or allowances. It simply adds the appropriate lines to your transaction list.

You can also set up auto-coding so this information arrives pre-coded.

Cashmanager RURAL itself has a wage recording book, but not a payroll facility so, if you need to stay up-to-date with employment legislation such as tracking leave, you will need a payroll system.

We are always looking for ways to collaborate, and integrations with these systems means you can bring all your wage information into the program.


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