Cashmanager RURAL Online updates

Version released Reason released Release
6.11 Maintenance upgrade – This update will enable your data to be migrated from Cashmanager RURAL Online to Cash Manager Focus later this year. While migration is not currently available, it’s important to install this update so you’re ready. You’ll be able to migrate at a time that suits you and we’ll let you know what you need to do. 18 Mar 2019
6.10 Maintenance upgrade – Enhanced dairy forecaster, particularly for existing budget items where the invoice and transaction dates are within the same month. Updates to import headings for both Farmlands and Farm Source. Updates to pay worksheets – ATO tax calculator link now updated. Income tax change to deductibility of farmhouse expenses. General maintenance on the software. 03 Oct 2017
6.9 System upgrade – includes platform enhancements that will prepare Cashmanager RURAL online for future bank feed releases. 11 Apr 2016
6.8  Bank Feeds Release – Enables Cashmanager RURAL online to provide secure bank feed connections, Rabobank, ANZ, ASB and Westpac customers can sign-up immediately. Includes enhanced dairy forecaster that manages base rate price fluctuations, particularly base price decreases and subsequent increases. 12 Oct 2015
6.7a Online sample data – optional online upgrade. Provides sample databases for sheep & beef and dairy to allow you to try out new features or new ways of working without fear of altering your data. Learn more in the release highlights and HelpCentre. 2 June 2015
6.6c Desktop only release – minor dairy forecaster fix 29 May 15
6.6b Online release – optional upgrade to address a locking issue experienced by a small number of clients after downloading 6.6a. March 2015
www Web Release – Cloud reporting makes Cashmanager RURAL online data available on any web-enabled device, anywhere, anytime. Consolidated reporting enables comparison across multiple farms. Learn more in HelpCentre. Dec 14
6.5 Online & Desktop Release – Compare your bank balance release: allows comparison of daily bank balance with budget or actual as well as a suite of changes to eliminate unreconciled transactions. View release highlights for more information 8 Sept 14
www Web Release – upgrade of the www.cashmanagerrural.nz website for easier management of user access and permissions to Cashmanager RURAL databases. 2 Jul 14
6.4e Online & Desktop Release – Optional upgrade to address the ANZ Direct Access login issue created after ANZ’s Online Banking upgrade performed 2nd of March. 13 Mar 14
6.4d Online Release – Optional upgrade to address Online slowness and a fix for running springclean on debtors licensed databases. 12 Feb 14
6.4c Online Release – upgrade of underlying code, new Farm Equity Worksheet and Report as well as 3 new Livestock Reports: Detail, YTD and Unpaid.

View release highlights for more information.

29 Jan 14
Full Desktop Release – upgrade of underlying code, new Farm Equity Worksheet and Report as well as 3 new Livestock Reports: Detail, YTD and Unpaid.

View release highlights for more information.

15 Jan 14
6.4a Limited Desktop upgrade – upgrade of underlying code, new Farm Equity Worksheet and Report as well as 3 new Livestock Reports: Detail, YTD and Unpaid.

View release highlights for more information.

9 Dec 13
6.3b Online upgrade – mandatory upgrade to address synchronisation issues. 17 Sept 13
6.3a Online upgrade – mandatory upgrade of the underlying technical platform. 3 Sept 13
6.2a Online & Desktop – Optional update for ANZ Direct Access Service. Also includes Australian superannuation and Debtor module changes.View release highlights for more information. 30 May 13
6.1a Online & Desktop Livestock upgrade – Optional Online update for Livestock.View release highlights for more information 21 Feb 13
6.0e Online & Desktop Livestock upgrade – minor upgrade to rectify “already in edit” error and split transaction reporting issues.View livestock resources for more information 12 Dec 12
6.0d Online & Desktop Livestock upgrade – minor upgrade for terminal server users i.e. Accountancy firms, fixes the editing of a transaction with enterprises.View livestock resources for more information 15 Nov 12
6.0b Online & Desktop Livestock upgrade – takes all the great features from Cashmanager RURAL’s cashflow and applies them to stock management, bringing you a 12 month stock flow. This lets you see at a glance all your livestock information month-by-month to help you track farm performance throughout the year.View livestock resources for more information 12 Nov 12
4.5a Online & Desktop upgrade – Update for National Bank clients to maintain access to Direct Access due to a bank initiated change. 13 Sep 12
4.4b Online & Desktop upgrade
Features 1)Wagebook – Changes to allow you to record your ESCT payable on the Employer Kiwi Saver contributions. 2) Revised Cashflow – the bank balance will now flow thru to next year’s budget.Cashmanager RURAL 4.4b Release Summary
29 Mar 12
4.4a Online & Desktop upgrade
Features 1) Cashflow Screen option – The new screen presents a list of task based solutions. A “Recent” list provides for the retention of favourite display combinations – allowing quick re-selection. 2) Save Original – This is a new feature which allows users to save an original copy of a budget. 3) Bank Transactions Import – Retaining Note – A new option added to Setup/Online Banking allows users to select “Use original note from Bank”4) Image Users can now add an image to their reports and it will appear in the top right hand corner.Cashmanager RURAL 4.4a Release Summary
27 Jan 12
4.3b Online & Desktop upgrade
Features 1) Installation of this upgrade is very important if your business pays GST on Invoice Basis. Before you file your next GST Return it is important you install this upgrade. 2)Updated the Accountants export for Debtors usersCashmanager RURAL 4.3b Release Summary
03 Oct 11
4.3a Online & Desktop upgrade
Features 1) Installation of this upgrade is very important if your business pays GST on Invoice Basis. Before you file your next GST Return it is important you install this upgrade. 2)By popular demand we have added the ability to turn off the Period End column and Last Year sections on the Cashflow screen and reports. An option in the advanced tab of Setup Business controls this mode. Cashmanager RURAL 4.3a Release Summary
15 Sept 11
4.2f Online & Desktop upgrade
Features 1) Banklink Import – data can now be imported even if Banklink is using the accountants numeric codes 2) Insert a Transaction Line – Within an existing Transaction, you caninset a new line below the existing line 3) Split Transaction – When you split an existing transaction, the new transaction line it creates now appears directly below the selected line 4) Import of Bank or Trader Transactions – The Load Bank or Trader transactions menu has been simplified 5) Professional Licensing – Professionals may apply to CRS Software Ltd for a ‘Practice License’ that extends their ability to edit any database beyond the existing 28 day period Cashmanager RURAL 4.2f Release Summary Cashmanager RURAL BankLink Import Instructions
10 May 11
4.2e Online & Desktop upgrade
Features – Minor upgrade to release 4.2d – Revised worksheets were no longer copying notes from the previous entry – Stock Worksheets you could not add an additional note.
23 Feb 11
4.2d Desktop upgrade(Online to be updated early 2011)
Features – Minor upgrade to release 4.2c – Fixes an issue where transactions marked at 12.5% were showing the wrong GST exclusive value in Reports & Cashflow – For more information about GST,go to the GST Information page
17 Dec 10
4.2c Online & Desktop upgrade
Features – Can now enter Wagebook leave on new record – Excessive size of PDF reports resolved – Community Mutual Group and RBL Bank added to bank import(Australian Banks – CRT login simplified (Online users) – For more information about GST,go to the GST Information page – Release Details
1 Nov 10
4.2b Online & Desktop upgrade
Features – Minor upgrade to release 4.2a – Fixes an issue where GST was set to none – See version 4.2a (below) for key features
21 Sep 10
4.2a Online & Desktop upgrade
Features – Manages the change to 15% GST on 1st October(NZ) – New GST setting of 12.5%/15% to manage the rate before and after 1st October – Changes to GST return layout to meet IRD requirments – Changes to the GST return periods and reports to handle Transitional returns and Adjustment schedules – As new transactions are entered, the GST rate is now determined by the transaction date – Changes to budgeting to manage the rate change – For more information about GST,go to the GST Information page
17 Sep 10
4.1b Online & Desktop upgrade
Features – New Digital dashboard – Summary code upgrade, enhanced Summary report – New EFS Trends report – New Ashburton Trading Society import of monthly statement – Enhanced Database select shows which databases need upgrading – Release Summary – Release Details
2 Jul 10
4.0f Desktop upgrade
Features – Database selection now shows if the data is version 4 or not – When choose cancel to upgrade to 4.0, App no longer closes – Missing help file error when running 3.7 fixed – Becomes the general release version for upgrades and new installs – Also released as a patch for 4.0e, which can be downloaded from this site
8 Feb 10
4.0e ONLINE upgrade
Features – Maintenance release includes many minor changes – GST return now works for a ‘future’ month – New option of CSV export for analysis by code report – More detail
1 Nov 09
4.0e General Release to PremierPac Subscribers
Features – Faster report generation and new drill down capability – Conversion from Paradox database to Microsoft SQL – Change to per database licensing allows software to be install on multiple PC’s – Each database is licensed, but for historic PremierPac subscribers only one annual fee applies – Helptext re-written, debtors module included and presentation enhanced – IRD forms and Kiwisaver updated to meet changed IRD requirments (NZ) – RD1 statement import now includes the user defined ‘codes’ – YTD, Variance and Trends reports updated – Debtors module optimised to improve speed – More detail
1 Nov 09
4.0d Maintenance update distributed as a downloaded patch
– Database conversion process updated – Accountant’s annual report now includes last year un-presented – P&L report no longer doubles last year unpaid debtors (invoice basis + debtors module) – Bank import retains user note – Re-instated budget import into cashflow – More detail
9 Oct 09
4.0c General release CD distributed to ADL licensees only
– RD1 Trader Import now imports user defined codes – Debtors module various changes to Improve speed – New Help system and new text – Wagebook upgrade. Changed IR348 and variable Kiwisaver % – Enhancements to speed for livestock, crop worksheets and related reports – More detail
9 Sep 09
4.0 Major Upgrade released to ONLINE users
– Online functionality, background syncronising, user permissions and access rights – SQL database replaces Paradox – Speed enhancements on large databases, especially reports – New report format allows drill down
Sep 2009
3.7g Update
– Changed Terms of use to an Annual Database License – Initial purchase cost no longer applies – New users pay a monthly fee per database (Premierpac subscribers excluded)
May 2009
3.7f Update
– Fixes to varience and trends reports
Jan 2009
3.7 New Financial year budget and comparisonNew Revised Budget worksheets July 2008
3.6d New Trader imports from Farmlands, PGG Wrightson, RD 1Autocoding replaces keywords

Updates to Kiwisaver and GST reports for new legislation

Feb 2008
3.5c Fix Rabobank Export for AU,IR File Export 14/08/2007
3.5a New KiwiSaver June 2007
3.4h Stock Rec transfer in figures not showing 13/04/2007
3.4g Simple Invoice Incl Mode not showing GST correctly 21/03/2007
3.4f MYOB Export on invoice basis. Budget Stock Rec percentages with inactive stock ext codes 14/02/2007
3.4e Transactions losing notes after editing. Trends Report showing ext code names. Performance on older pc’s and networks 4/01/2007
3.4 New GraphsInactive bank accounts

Transaction code search

Invoicing 3 rd multiplier

Sept 2006
3.3 New Bank download and keywordsSaved transaction Notes

Transaction progress graph

Trends report

Nov 2005
3.2 New Hide codesTwo line printed report

Accountants interim report

PDF and excel report exports

Nov 2004
3.1 New Debtors Module Aug 2004
3.0 New Wagebook March 04