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Updated release of Connect to General Ledger (GL)

An updated release of Cashmanager RURAL’s ‘Connect to GL’ makes it easier for farmers and their accountants to work together more efficiently. Farmers and their accountants can work with one set of data but have two views.

What’s new in this update?

Email Accountant – a quick and easy way farmers can notify accountants their data is ready to be transferred to the General Ledger.

Activity Log – a new way for farmers and accountants to see at a glance when data has been sent to the General Ledger and who completed the transfer. It’s a useful way to keep everyone up-to-date.

Take a closer look at the release update, login at www.cashmanagerrural.nz, click ‘My Farms’ and select a database.

Xero and MYOB Connected

Cashmanager RURAL retains its farmer centric approach but makes it possible for accountants to streamline their processes.

Data is seamlessly transferred to Xero through an Application Programme Interface (API) that  connects between Cashmanager RURAL online and Xero.

The connection with MYOB’s Accountants Office software manages the transfer of information between Cashmanager RURAL and the practice software via the cloud.

Learn more about the initial release Cashmanager RURAL Connects to Xero and MYOB

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