Pascale & Simon Carthew

Carthew Genetics, Kimbolton

Pascale and her husband Simon run Carthew Genetics, based at their Kimbolton hill country property. They predominantly breed Coopworth rams, but also Coopworth-Romney cross rams, Suffolk and the Landcorp Lamb Supreme.

The Carthews were Cashmanager customers but switched to a new accounting system. They discovered difficulties with using a product that was an add-on to accounting software, not specifically designed for the farmer, and decided to move back to Cashmanager.

“The problem was that they came from an accounting background and added on farming, while Cashmanager comes from a farming background and added the accountancy. The farming is by far the most important thing,” Pascale says.

“It didn’t make any sense from a farming way of thinking.”

Having different breeds of stud rams means it is important for her to be able to track the individual breeds separately.

“With all the different studs the new system didn’t like that, it was complicated. When we sold rams I had to download the transactions in one programme and then go into the add-on and do the whole thing again. They didn’t automatically work together…I had to do everything double.

“If you had studs or a specific part of your business where you wanted to measure details you had to set up trackers. But they didn’t correspond between the two programmes, I pulled my hair out.”

An advantage of Cashmanager RURAL is being able to create customised codes or names, which she was unable to do in the other programme.

But their main reason for switching back to Cashmanager was the budgeting function.

“The budgeting (in the other programme) was hopeless, it didn’t make any sense. You couldn’t print out a one-page report or get a nice overview. Reports were not easy to read and all in landscape format.

“The budgeting needs to be easy and it wasn’t easy at all. The aging wasn’t there either, you had to manually age all the animals.”

Pascale also likes to be able to ring a phone number and speak to someone if she has a question. “If you wanted to ring them or ask a question you had to email them. I found it really annoying that there was no number to ring.”

“Cashmanager RURAL comes from a farming background and added the accountancy. The farming is by far the most important thing.”