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Are you eligible for a fuel refund?

All farmers are entitled to claim back the excise duty on all petrol, CNG and motor spirits used on farm (ute, atv, chainsaws, mowers).

If a business operates petrol vehicles and machinery off-road, then they are eligible for a petrol refund of $0.66 per litre on the petrol used off-road.

Unfortunately, most farmers don’t know about this refund and could be missing out on thousands of dollars every year.

Claims are made every quarter and can be back-dated up to two years.

How do I do it?

  • Each quarter you must complete a MR70 form, which can be found online . If you miss a quarter, no worries, but you will lose 10% if you are more than three months after the close of that quarter.
  • Ring your fuel supplier (Rural Fuel, Farmlands Fuel etc) who will send you a list of all petrol delivered to the farm specifically for this. You just need to request it.
  • Send off the completed MR70 with their proof of purchase and the money will be deposited directly into your bank account. Easy!
  • If you have any queries try calling 0800 108 809.


All too hard?

If you don’t want to do this yourself there companies who can do it all for you:




These companies generally charge a fee to set up the account and then take a 15% fee on each claim, but it’s still well worth it.



  • Toni Sherwin says:

    How about telling farmers in Australia what they can get please?

    • Rebecca Harper says:

      Hi there,

      Good idea. We don’t currently have any information about what is available is Australia, but we’ll find out.


  • wesley coleman says:

    I have been trying the 06 953 6409 number to register my business for the fuel refund but it is a fax number. is this the right number?

    • Rebecca Harper says:


      It would appear you are right, it is a fax number. If you click on the link to the form below you will see there is an 0800 number – try ringing 0800 108 809.


  • Nicole says:

    How do you code the fuel rebate?
    They include GST in the rebate, do we class this as income?
    Or is this exempt?
    Hard to tell given we have claimed the GST in the original fuel purchase

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