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Save time and boost productivity with our latest innovation, Scan my Bills.

This feature is an automated invoice scanning and document storage service, giving you and your clients accurate records every time.

A paperless office is now one step closer with Scan My Bills. The service is free and it works seamlessly with bank feeds, direct credit and trader feeds.

Simply send invoices to the unique email address you are given. The information is automatically captured and entered into Cashmanager RURAL. The outcome is a coded transaction and attached image of the invoice for your records.


Sandra Mitchell, from Rosedale Farming Company, loves Scan my Bills and believes it won’t be long before paper invoices are a thing of the past in their business.

“I love Scan My Bills as it enables me to create whole invoices in the transaction screen, line for line, which in turn saves a lot of typing of descriptions for items purchased – especially if the invoice is 20 lines long with multiple codes required. 

Another benefit is that our farm office is not in our house and often my husband will be on the home PC or his laptop in the evening going through expenses and asking questions about various invoices.  He can now go to the transaction in question and view the original invoice, as it is attached to the transaction and is easily viewable. 

I have nearly a year’s worth of invoices attached to our transactions now and I find it much simpler to view an invoice in the transaction screen by filtering, rather than going to the filing system and leafing through paper files. 

Our accountant can also log on and view invoices instead of contacting me to email a copy through. With most invoices arriving by email it is easy to send them straight to Scan My Bills and I don’t think it will be too long until we store invoices only digitally.”


Scan my Bills will save you significant time and effort when it comes to processing supplier invoices.

This product will be available to all online customers very soon. We will be in touch closer to the time about a mandatory release date, so you can organise a technician – if required.



  • Hayden Brown says:

    Very interested

    • Rebecca Harper says:

      That’s great Hayden, we will keep you posted when it becomes available – keep an eye on the blog and social media

  • Scott Altmann says:

    I am very interested in the scan my bills function, please advise what date in june this will be released in order to be used.

  • Jenny Morrison says:

    Hi guys,
    sCAN MY BILLS sounds GREAT. I CANT WAIT TO TRY IT. I like that it will be stored in the cloud as I do tend to kill computers and hard drives regularly. I have also worried before now that invoices saved only electronically need to be readable in the future. no more floppy disks or cds these days. my current computer cant even access my old files on these media – what will the future be like? good on you for designing an easy solution.

  • Paul Marshall says:

    scan my bills might be just exactly what we’re looking for – the next step in “leaning” our farm office

  • Katrina Taylor says:

    Very exciting! I’m thinking Scan My Bills will be a great way to store those horrible receipts that fade so quickly i.e. Fuel receipts.

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