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Enterprising is a great tool if you have multiple farms or want to compare different parts of your business.

As long as the businesses are under the same GST number, you will be able to use enterprising.

The enterprising feature in Cashmanager RURAL allows you to separate out different facets of your business, analyse and compare them.

Enterprising is a powerful tool that allows you to measure and monitor the drivers in your business, helping you make better decisions.

For example, within your business you might have a hill country block for breeding and an irrigated flat block for cash crops. Enterprising would allow you to separate out and analyse those blocks to monitor performance and profitability.

If you have a stud you could also enterprise your stud operation separately from your commercial operation.

Similarly, a dairy farmer could separate and compare their main dairy farm to their run-off block.

Our auto-coding function also allows you to auto-code expenses to a specific enterprise within your business.

Each transaction can be allocated to a different enterprise and items in a budget can also be allocated to specific enterprises.

The bonus of this function is that you can have a budget, or cashflow, combining all areas of the business and then filter each enterprise within the ‘combined’ budget to analyse its position.

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