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It’s all in the detail for South Canterbury dairy farm owner Cara Gregan.

Cara knows the value of being able to pinpoint exactly where money is being spent in their farming businesses, which are divided into two dairy units milking about 1000 cows between them, and using that information to drive decision making.

She recently returned to Cashmanager RURAL online after switching to Xero and Figured.

“I had been using Cashmanager RURAL desktop for 20 years, we were sheep farming until eight years ago,” she says.

In search of an online solution and consolidated reporting for their two entities, they switched to Figured, but found it difficult to use. “I’m a banker by trade and I just didn’t find it easy to use. Cashmanager I could almost do in my sleep, it’s so simple.”

Cara particularly likes the ability to do extended coding in Cashmanager RURAL.

“I like extended coding. Animal health, for example, I have a huge amount of codes and it’s very easy to add new codes. By adding more extended codes I can get more in-depth reporting and that appeals to me.

“I can drill down and analyse the actual cost of things, it gives the ability to quite comprehensively capture information and use it for future planning,” she says.

“Cashmanager is also good for reporting. Compliance has increased greatly and it’s essential that the information that comes out (of the programme) is correct, so this eliminates that human error.”

She also likes being online now, as it gives her the flexibility to share information with anyone or use her laptop and access the programme from any location.

“The beauty of online is, no matter where I am, I can take my laptop and pay wages or deal with queries – I have the information on hand.”



  • Taupo Farmer says:

    I’d be interested to know why CARA Gregan left Cashmanager rural in the first place. After all, she’d been using for 20 years, why did she want to change?
    as the saying goes “dont fix it if it aint broke”.

    • Rebecca Harper says:

      Hi there,

      She was keen to try an online solution and that was behind the move – she had been using Cashmanager RURAL desktop in that time. Now she has moved back she is using our online version instead and, as you will read, she is very happy with that.

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