Benefits for Farmers

Your Planning Hub

Create, revise and organise your financial plans in one place.

“You have to have ownership of the direction of your business. If you don’t know where you stand financially through the season you’re throwing a dart. If you’re not budgeting you’re not planning for success.”

Matt & Lynley Wyeth

Spring Valley Enterprises, Masterton

Cashflow forecasting

Working plan (Living plan/document)

Your working plan is a living document that you can shape and mould as the year progresses.

Actual and planned transactions combine to give you a picture of where your business is right now and where it’s heading in the coming months.

Worksheet (get into the detail)

Drill down to find out when and where your cash is going.
Click into any cell in your plan to view all the important details.


Milk Income

Quickly create and easily maintain your projected milk production (kg/MS) and related income. Automated price updates from major dairy companies means, as prices change, you can quickly see the effect on your business.


Keep on top of livestock movement in your business.  Track sales, purchases, births and deaths in a convenient month-by-month view.

Record physical and financial information in the same event and update your livestock rec. and cashflow in one step.



Powerful reporting helps you to stay on the front foot.  Production and cash combine to give you $/head and $/kgMS analysis.

Identify variances between planned and actual income and spending to see if you’re tracking to plan.



GST is automatically calculated for you.  All you need to do is file it with IRD.


A Snapshot of your Farm Business

Get the big picture and view exactly what your cashflow looks like now and in the coming months.


Cash Manager Focus and PaySauce, better together

Maximise your time and keep up to date with the latest payroll standards with our new PaySauce integration. Each time you process a payroll run in PaySauce, the transaction details are posted directly to Cash Manager Focus and auto-coded to the related wage, PAYE and KiwiSaver codes.

How to integrate Cash Manager Focus and PaySauce