Sheep & Beef Farmer Testimonials

These farmer testimonials from Cashmanager RURAL users explain what our clients love about CRS Software products, and the benefits of using a software solution designed especially for farmers. Cash Manager Focus is the next generation of Cashmanager RURAL, and continues our legacy of helping farmers to see the big picture and make decisions with confidence.

John and Curtis Pannett

Pannett Family

Sheep & beef farmers, Millers Flat

“The biggest plus has been a real improvement in our on-farm communication. Dad and I used to have to share a PC which meant if he needed to change something he had to pop up to my place. Now because the software is cloud based, we can log in from anywhere, on any device and update details which is a real time saver during busy periods.”

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Dan and Jacqui Cottrell

Dan and Jacqui Cottrell

Moawhango Valley sheep and beef farmers

“Focus is definitely the next generation of accounting software that farmers know and have trusted for years – now its cloud-based, portable, easy to use and switch to.”

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Trudy and Simon Hales

2020 Tararua Sheep and Beef Farm Business of the Year winners

“Using a software programme designed by farmers for farmers makes all the difference!”

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Sarah and Roy Kingston

Sheep & Beef farmers, Hawkes Bay

“Focus is much more user friendly than its predecessor. It’s faster and easier to navigate and I love that I can balance every day against our bank statements. I used to have to balance monthly but now every transaction is coded and immediately balanced. That’s so cool!”

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Nicky Thompson

Sheep & Beef farmer, North Canterbury

“Knowing exactly where we’re going in black and white has been a great help – little things like using your own code names all add up to the feeling that you’re driving the ship instead of depending on others to help out.”.

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Frank Martin

Martin Pastoral Ltd, Wairoa

“Moving from RURAL to Focus was a simple, self-explanatory process and, if you do have questions, the Support Team are right there to help.

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Debbie and Arthur Win

Sheep & Beef farmers, Wakefield

“Focus allows me to do this easily by identifying what goes where. For example, I use three bank accounts, and in the past, I couldn’t tell which account was involved in relation to transactions without having to search around. Focus has that information up front – the software identifies which account payments are being made to or from and this saves so much time.”

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Caroline Smith

Migrated to Focus

“I moved across to Focus earlier this year and I love it! Migration was simple –just a matter of following instructions and from there I haven’t looked back.”

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Tom and Claire Platts

Taihape dry stock farmer

“I knew there were systems out there that would do the job more efficiently and had a good look around before purchasing CMF late last year. I wanted a farm management package that would simplify processes allowing me to spend more time on other stuff. 

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Bryan Rendle

Hill country farmer, across the Rangitikei River from Ohingaiti

“CMF is a powerful tool for farmers. We can now go to the bank with solid and verifiable information about our business, rather than how it used to be when the bank came to you with that information. Having this data provides a huge amount of confidence – we’re not on the back foot anymore which can make a big difference when you’re locking in cash flow details for the year ahead.”

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Sam And Rodney Kjestrup

Sam and Rodney Kjestrup

KayJay Angus, Masterton

“Cash Manager does save us time with it’s up to date stock reconciliation and having online bank feeds. It also keeps the business all in one place with the ability to pull out reports on different areas of the business at any one time.”

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Matt & Lynley Wyeth

Spring Valley Enterprises, Masterton

“You have to have ownership of the direction of your business. If you don’t know where you stand financially through the season you’re throwing a dart. If you’re not budgeting you’re not planning for success.”

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Mel & Ed Handyside

Sheep, Beef and Cropping Farmers, South Wairarapa

“Now, with the click of a button, my bank statements are imported directly from my bank into my Cashmanager RURAL. It’s quick, easy and hassle free. It also gives me greater confidence because I know the data is accurate.”

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Rob & Lucy Thorneycroft

2015 Wairarapa Farm Business of the Year, Tiraumea

“It’s great how Cashmanager RURAL is living software, they’re always updating it and trying to improve it and make it more streamlined for farmers. It’s tailor-made for farmers, which is a great thing because it makes it more user friendly and enjoyable to use.”

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Pascale & Simon Carthew

Carthew Genetics, Kimbolton

“Cashmanager RURAL comes from a farming background and added the accountancy. The farming is by far the most important thing.”

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Sherrie Bird

Sheep & Beef Farmer, Waipukurau

“For me, the benefit is it’s given me a tool to do it once, do it properly, using Cashmanager RURAL. It helps make it easy to comply. I don’t like duplication, I just want to comply so I can do other things with my time.”

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Peter & Ally Apthorp

2016 Tararua Sheep & Beef Farm Business of the Year, Pahiatua

“You can look at the total business as a whole or filter out the new business. It’s easy to see how each one is performing.”

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Lisa Marcroft

Drystock, Te Akau

“I identified that we could really benefit from moving from a few figures in dad’s notebook and bank account to having a budget, forecasting and reviewing the variances in the budget.”

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Mike McCreary & Liz Casey

Kumenga Farm, South Wairarapa

“Integration is the way forward…What’s really ticking the boxes is Cashmanager RURAL linking to other programmes, that’s huge for us,”

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Pascua Family

Gerardo and Adrienne Pascua

Contract milkers, Winton

“Focus was easy to pick up and is a much faster application to use. For example, I prepare my own budget and when I open Focus my information is right there ready to go. I can make changes easily compared to RURAL when I had to print stuff out and it took time to find where we were at.”

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Kirrily and Cody Hickey

Kirrily and Cody Hickey

Northland contract milkers

“I’m glad we got on board with Focus. We’ve taken on a massive challenge here milking 700 cows, managing staff, and raising our four young children and Focus has really helped us keep planning and pushing forward to achieve our goals.”

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Bernard Parsons

Barney Parsons

Dairy Farmer, Canterbury

“Focus is a product for the times we’re now in. The package works in real time, so we always know where we’re at and, because dipping in and out is easy, you’re almost encouraged to check in daily and tweak here and there as you go.”

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Jo and Geoff Crawford

Dairy farmers, Northland

“Over thirty years ago our accountant, Charmaine O’Shea at COS Chartered Accountants in Whangarei, recommended we start using CRS Software’s new Cash Manager farm management package. I checked it out and signed up – and we’re still with CRS today!”

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Suzie and Brendan Bearman

Dairy farmers, Crichton near Milton

“I used the links emailed to us and the invoice scanner feature happened automatically which was great. Now I don’t have to trawl through invoices, code and reconcile everything which is a time saver when you’re busy!”

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Cash Manager Focus Hamish and Rachel Gardner

Hamish Hammond and Rachel Gardner

Award winning share farmers

“Any time I access Focus I can quickly determine our current cash position, future cash positions and a predicted end of year. This helps decision making. I can decide how much I can spend and if we have the capacity to make investment decisions.”

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John and Susan Hayward - Cashmanager RURAL

John and Susan Hayward

Judge Valley Dairies

“Our industry is challenging and it’s really important that we know our numbers and have the ability to compare year on year with ease.”

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John & Margaret Shearer

Dairy Farm Owners, Ashburton

“They also know they need to manage the business and keep it in the family for the next generation. They have to get a grasp on the financial implications of what they are doing.”

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Nick Bertram

2014 Dairy Farm Manager of the Year, Featherston

“I like to think I’m a businessman, not just a farmer. I get a kick out of growing equity and pushing the boundaries.”

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Matt & Tracey Honeysett

2015 Hawke’s Bay / Wairarapa Sharemilker / Equity Farmers of the Year, Featherston

“Being part of an equity partnership, we have to be answerable to the other owners. They have access to Cashmanager RURAL and at the end of the month the big thing is revising the budget and doing a variance report.”

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Mark & Jaime Arnold

Dairy Farmers, Dannevirke

“We can’t emphasise how important knowing your numbers is. The accounting side of the business is not my favourite part but I won’t give it up because I can see how much value there is in knowing exactly where we are sitting financially.”

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