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Switching to Cash Manager Focus (Focus) has been a smart move for Millers Flat farmer Curtis Pannett and his parents John and Tina.

Curtis says they switched their farm financials to Focus in April this year and haven’t looked back. “The process was seamless. We did a spring clean of our files prior to moving to ensure everything was up and running well so the actual transfer of information was simple.”

The Pannetts run ‘Hill Springs’, a 3000-hectare property in the Teviot Valley near Roxburgh. The topography ranges from river flats bordering the Clutha River, through to extensive run country rising to 1000 metres. The family run 11,000 stock units comprised of x-bred ewes and Hereford/Angus beef cows – they finish all stock apart from a handful of calves which are sold as yearlings.

John and Curtis Pannett

Curtis says Focus has worked well for them. “Not needing to install a specific programme to run the software was a bonus and, even with our relatively remote location, there haven’t been connection issues.

“The biggest plus has been a real improvement in our on-farm communication. Dad and I used to have to share a PC which meant if he needed to change something he had to pop up to my place. Now because the software is cloud based, we can log in from anywhere, on any device and update details which is a real time saver during busy periods.”

Curtis says they are also making use of the option to provide account access to suppliers such as their bank or accountant. “Having our accountant and bank on-line means they can cover off any questions we have and access information they need. It’s much more efficient for all parties because there’s no need to meet face-to -face.”

While he farms in a beautiful location Curtis understands the importance of getting off farm for a break. He’s a commercial fixed wing pilot and a member of the local Central Otago Aero Club.

“I spent three years working as a station pilot on the six million-acre ‘Anna Creek Station’ in South Australia, then owned by S.Kidman & Co, and got to fly all over Australia mustering cattle and transporting people to and from other stations within the company.

“I find flying a great way to relax and enjoy being able to buzz off and see places I wouldn’t normally get to see.”

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