A powerful tool for farmers

Whether it’s increasing production on farm or freeing up more time to spend with your family, Cash Manager Focus helps you achieve your goals.


Turning your goals into a physical and financial plan you understand, believe and own is easy with Cash Manager Focus.For farmers – create a cashflow forecast step-by-step from the bottom up.


Use Cash Manager Focus to convert physical farm management into financial knowledge you can use. This makes it easy to see you’re heading in the right direction.


Each month, Cash Manager Focus shows your cashflow forecast alongside your actual position. Armed with this knowledge, you can  compare progress to your farm management plan and make farm decisions with confidence.

In farming, many factors are unpredictable – weather, exchange rate, schedule – but owning your finances is one thing you can control. Cash Manager Focus farm management software uses hard facts to help you plan; synchronising your financial and farm management solutions to save you time, and protect your future.

All the things you love

Cash Manager Focus is the next generation of Cashmanager RURAL. With all the features you know and love - just more modern and intuitive. This video walks you through the benefits of Cash Manager Focus.

Questions about managing your farm finance online?

Managing your finances is simple with Cash Manager Focus. There are a swag of advantages to using our cloud-based farm financial software and we’d love to hear from you if you have a question, big or small.