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What is good communication? Improving communication with your bank can be as simple as providing Cashmanager RURAL reports regularly as the year progresses. Clients that take a proactive approach and keep the bank informed throughout the year comment that their financier is far more supportive.

EFS Report – The Economic Farm Surplus (EFS) report includes key performance indicators (KPI’s). To be really useful it requires a balanced stock reconciliation but if this is done and the change in livestock value is calculated the EFS report provides your financier with a good indication of profit.

Stock Reconciliation Report – On any livestock farm presenting this to your financier is very important as it shows whether you are increasing or decreasing capital livestock. Any change will have a big impact on cashflow and profit – this is something they must know!

Worksheet Reports – Worksheets let you record detail behind your budget and make it easier for you and your financier to understand how the numbers are prepared. It’s a good idea to supply worksheets for the biggest value codes.

Cashflow Report – A single page month by month summary of your plan, showing the expected peak working capital requirement after interest and after GST.

Variance Report – Comparing the forecast with last year.


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