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Alexanders Chartered Accountants have specialised in accounting and advice for agribusiness for over 35 years. Their expertise covers farm budgeting and cash flows, sales and purchases, ownership structures and the preparation of financial statements.

They also specialise in taxation, seasonal planning, and succession planning and when Cash Manager Focus (Focus) appeared on their radar, they saw the possibilities this farm management software could deliver.

“Focus is intuitive, self-explanatory and a break-through in terms of accessibility for our clients and ourselves”, says Alexanders’ Kimberley Sinclair. Best of all for those still thinking about it, she says switching to Focus is simple.

“We’ve had lots of our customers make the switch to Focus and the only issue so far has been reminding clients to give us access! Adding an account advisor is a two-minute process – there are only two buttons to consider which are easy to find! This is due to how simple the admin of the ledgers is, by following the tabs on the left side of the screen.”

Kimberley says one of the real advantages for Focus users is improved connectivity.

“Focus is cloud-based so customers can log in from anywhere, on any device and view and update their information in real time. This is a big advantage for us as accountants too. Now multiple people can log in to the same account at the same time and work together, go over documents and check inputs. Older packages have a single user capacity, so one user has to log out before another can log on which is problematic especially when I want to show someone what I’m doing.”

Kimberley says this change in accessibility has made a huge difference for customer communication.

“If a Focus customer calls with an issue, we simply log into their account with them and check straight away – which saves time for both parties! This just increases the high level of service we can provide to our clients.”

Linking and saving invoices is also a plus.

“The invoice scanning capability makes our job much easier. Having a long list of items required for yearend isn’t needed – this information is already saved in the system.”

She says importing a statement in to Focus is a simple process; meaning you can easily get any historical data in the ledger, and it’s also great if the clients bank doesn’t automatically feed into Focus.

If you’re thinking about switching to Focus your accountant will thank you – Kimberley says Focus has made her job easier!

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