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It’s no secret that top performing farmers, and Cashmanger RURAL clients, share many of the same attributes – they’re proactive, innovative, they plan and they focus on the things they can control.

But most importantly, they get stuff done. And one of the easiest ways to ensure stuff gets done is to plan it.

So it’s also no surprise that many industry leaders and award winners choose to use Cashmanager RURAL online as their farm management tool.

That’s because Cashmanager RURAL puts farmers in control of their own business and their future. It’s about being forward looking and building a big picture, having the right management information at your fingertips to understand today’s position and make informed future decisions.

Having a combined view of both livestock and financials in the one programme makes it easy to make the right decision, and quickly.

So if you’re using Cashmanager RURAL online too, you’re in good company. Over the last two years more than 75% of regional and national award winners have also been Cashmanager RURAL customers.

As part of its contribution to the Red Meat Profit Partnership, ANZ’s Red Meat Sector Key Insights 2014 highlighted common attributes of high performing farmers.

It identified three key areas behind strong performance: information acted on, a clear view on succession, and willingness to invest for profit.

The paper said confidence was key and top performers had the confidence to reinvest profits to lift productivity and generate long term wealth.

We believe it’s not an age range – it’s an attitude. By working smart you can achieve more with less.

Ken and Steph Norman, winners of the 2015 Tararua Sheep and Beef Farm Business of the Year, are no exception. They use Cashmanager RURAL to keep their finger on the pulse and ensure they know where every dollar is going.

The Normans run their 363 hectare (350ha effective) summer safe property Rexdale at Mangamarie, under the Tararua Ranges, and farm a diverse operation comprising sheep, deer, calf rearing and bull finishing.

They have spectacular economic performance, topping the Baker & Associates FAB analysis for 2014-15 across all classes with a whopping $1122 Economic Farm Surplus and 11% return on capital. They are the very best.

Every day has to be a growing day at the Normans and this motto, combined with hard graft, a practice of wasting nothing, and the ‘Norman Factor’ – a hunger to succeed and passion for what they do – means they have succeeded in a situation where others may have failed.

The Normans have a motto: take care of the cents and the dollars will look after themselves. They have a strong practice of wasting nothing. Everything is re-used or re-purposed.

Ken and Steph are a strong team and all decisions are made together. They are big on budgeting, and their budget is a living document.

Ken is constantly revising his budget and adjusting his spending according to the season.

“We normally set a budget every year and put our main expenditures in, like fertiliser, and everything we want to do – it could be cattle yards, water systems, fencing, tracking, re-grassing – any development.

“As we sell things and income comes in we check to see how we’re tracking against budget. If we’re ahead we can start those things we’ve planned. We don’t get ahead of ourselves.”

They prioritise everything on the wish list and planning and revising helps them to decide what comes first, or what gets dropped off if targets aren’t met.

Ken and Steph know their cashflow, they’re highly motivated to succeed and they manage their costs. There are no surprises in their business.



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