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Sometimes it can be tough making the right decision on the farm. Cashmanager RURAL has launched a campaign to help farmers with their decision making.

We’ve gathered together a group of top experts – an accountant, a dairy farm consultant, a banking perspective, and a farmer – to share their knowledge and give you some practical steps you can take to ensure you do make the right decision.

Through a series of videos, released over eight weeks, our experts will walk you through the things you need to know to successfully manage your way through any season with confidence.



Hear from BakerAg dairy consultant Chris Lewis about how simply cutting your costs will not be enough to get you through in the current dairy environment, so it’s necessary to rethink your farm system. To do so it is critical to understand the full financial implications of the various models on your farm.

Business advisor Geordie McCallum has a background in rural banking. He’ll discuss how your Rural Bank Manager thinks – what do they need from you, and is it any different this year? What can you do to fill in the information gaps and how does this impact on your bottom line?

Rural chartered accountant Lawrence Field addresses how your accountant can help you make the right decisions for your farm. He’ll cover what conversations you should be having with them this year and what questions you need to ask to get the best out of them.

Finally, Pahiatua sharemilker Cam Brown will talk about how the current environment has impacted his plans, what changes he has made to the farm system, how he has worked with stakeholders to make changes, and why his bankers are happy.


Visit the Right Decision website to view videos or sign up for the series, or visit our Facebook page, where videos are posted as they are released.



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