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A recent release of Cashmanager RURAL enables organisations such as banks and accounting practices to manage their employee’s access to online databases.

Manage Employee Access has been developed to assist organisations to disable their employees’ access to databases where the access has been granted under the organisation’s domain.

This is a great feature for organisations that have strict security rules in place and assures the security of client data when an employee departs the organisation.

Manage Employee Access does not enable organisations to grant access to databases. Granting access to databases is solely at the discretion of the database owner. When a database owner grants database access to the employee of an organisation, access is limited to that individual employee.

Organisations using Manage Employee Access can:
  • Set up a group of users based on the organisation’s domain
  • Appoint an administrator to manage the user permissions for the group
  • Set an access policy for the whole organisational group
  • Display the organisation’s logo next to the employee’s name.

The short video below explains the release. Additional information and forms for signing up are available on our HelpCentre – or call us on 0800 888 080.


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