Keen to transfer to Cash Manager Focus?

An update on Cash Manager Focus

In 2018, CRS Software released stage 1 of our new product, Cash Manager Focus.

Cash Manager Focus is the next generation Cashmanager RURAL and since going live, we’ve released new features and received lots of positive feedback. 

The team is busy building a tool so existing Cashmanager RURAL users can move across to Cash Manager Focus and take all their data with them when they go.  This is not ready right now, but we are putting together a group of keen Cashmanager RURAL customers to move across as part of a limited release soon and all customers will be able to move across later in the year.  We will be in touch with you with clear instructions when everything is ready for you to move over, and you can then do this at a time that suits you.

Read on to find out more about what Cash Manager Focus means for existing Cashmanager RURAL customers.

Read on to find out more about what Cash Manager Focus means for existing Cashmanager RURAL customers.


Cash Manager Focus is a perfect starting point for clients that are new to our Cashmanager products. However, we’re continuing to work under the hood to get it just right for existing Cashmanager RURAL customers.

We’re currently building a tool that will make the migration process a seamless experience, and when it’s ready clients will have the option to migrate, bringing all their data and subscription history into Cash Manager Focus.

In the meantime, you can start a free demo, to familiarise yourself with Cash Manager Focus.

The platform we built Cashmanager RURAL on limited the speed we were able to release new features and enhancements. To improve the product and customer experience we needed to rebuild it from the ground up.

Cash Manager Focus is cloud based and uses the latest technology. This means we can quickly roll-out new features, like Attachments.

Being a fully cloud-based product also means you can access the latest data any time, anywhere and on any device. Apple users rejoice!

We’ll be able to more easily integrate with other software providers, like payroll software. Keep an eye out for an integration with PaySauce shortly.

We’ve made sure that Cash Manager Focus carries the best of the Cashmanager RURAL genes. This means that Cashmanager RURAL clients will be able to easily navigate their way around the new product – we received lots of positive feedback from our Beta testers, most of whom were existing Cashmanager RURAL users too!

Other features include:

  • Flexible coding rules ensures accurate and consistent coding
  • A simplified view of financial plans means everyone is on the same page
  • Document storage allows readily available information

All the things you love

Cash Manager Focus is the next generation of Cashmanager RURAL. With all the features you know and love – just more modern and intuitive. It’s free to demo, so take a look and we’ll be in touch when you can start migrating your data from Cashmanager RURAL.

Cash Manager Focus helps your farm to thrive

Put farmers fully in the drivers seat

The person spending the money is also building and managing the budget. Real-time data at your fingertips. No need to wait for the end of month to see how you’re doing. Farm Management software lets you take care of business as and when it’s happening.

Recording transactions made effortless

Reduce data entry. Let electronic importing and auto-coding do the work for you. All codes are fully customised for your farm type. You can generate statement of cashflows easily with Cash Manager Focus.

So powerful, yet so simple

Knowledge is power. Cash Manager Focus is simple and easy to use – empowering you to make informed, confident decisions for your farm. From milk revenue planning to stock management, you use your data the way you need to.

Cloud-based financial software tailored for farming

Cash Manager Focus is tailored to manage farm financials. Access the latest data any time, anywhere. It’s easy to invite your business partners and advisers to view your information. Your data is stored securely online – no need for backups and no risk of losing information.

Keep everyone in the loop

Your business partners, financier, and family will be kept fully informed. When everyone is on the same page, there are no surprises because you can all see where the farm business is heading.

Financial farm software and training

With access to unlimited phone support, an online HelpCentre plus training courses we’re here to help. Our support staff are rurally minded people who enjoy helping you get the most from your financial farm software.