Migration Information

Migration to Cash Manager Focus

The Cash Manager Team have successfully moved hundreds of Cashmanager RURAL customers to Cash Manager Focus during the Beta process and phase two of Migration has begun. We are now inviting groups of customers with similar business requirements to start migration. Don’t feel left out if you haven’t received an invitation yet, we are rolling these out over the next few months and open migration isn’t far away.

Cash Manager Focus Migration Roadmap

"Moving to new software can be a scary thought but migrating to Focus was easy". Susie and Brendan Bearman moved their farm financials from RURAL to Cash Manager Focus December 2019 and Susie says the migration process was remarkably straight forward!

What you need to know

Truly cloud based you can log in from any device, anywhere, any time for an up-to-date and accurate snap shot of your farming business.

Moving from Cashmanager RURAL to Cash Manager Focus is a simple process and you will be able to take all your transactional data with you when you go.

Focus delivers user-friendly advantages designed to save time and money - such as the automation of existing, time consuming processes.


We are now sending invitations to Migrate to groups of customers who have similar business requirements – if you haven’t yet received an invite to migrate don’t feel left out we are rolling these out over the next few months.   

The platform we built Cashmanager RURAL on, limited the speed we were able to release new features and enhancements. To improve the product and customer experience we needed to rebuild it from the ground up.

Cash Manager Focus is cloud based and uses the latest technology. This means we can quickly roll-out new features, like Attachments.

Being a fully cloud-based product also means you can access the latest data any time, anywhere and on any device. Apple users rejoice!

We are able to more easily integrate with other software providers, like payroll software.

We’ve made sure that Cash Manager Focus carries the best of the Cashmanager RURAL genes. This means that Cashmanager RURAL clients will be able to easily navigate their way around the new product – we received lots of positive feedback from our Beta testers, most of whom were existing Cashmanager RURAL users too!

Payment in Focus is by credit card, so you’ll need one to migrate. But you will not be charged anything until your current Cash Manager Rural subscription is due to renew

If you use Enterprises in Cashmanager RURAL, these are called Tags in Focus. Enterprises will become Cost Tags when migrated. Cost Tags report on cost areas of your business and are free as a part of your subscription. At an additional cost, you can upgrade to Management Tags, an extension of Cost Tags, combining revenue as well as costs. Convert your Enterprises to Management Tags now and trial for free until your next subscription period.

All your historic data will be brought across and will be used for trends reports, but you won’t be able to drill down into individual transactions. 

If you have an accountant, farm consultant or bank manager who has access to your RURAL account, we recommend you notify them when you migrate.

Any active feeds you have set up in Cashmanager RURAL will continue in Focus.

Migration is a simple process you can do yourself. There are three main steps

1. Get Cashmanager Rural files ready (Reconcile and Spring clean)

2. Set up your Focus login

3. Begin Migration

For a standard subscription the price is exactly the same price as it is in Cashmanager Rural.

We have introduced a new add-on in Cashmanager Focus – Management Tags that does have an additional cost associated with it see here more information on Management Tags.

Please note that at this stage, migration to Focus is only available to New Zealand customers.

Do you have any more questions?

Please contact our specialist support team using the chat bubble located in the bottom left corner of your screen. 

For more information about the migration process Click here