Cash Manager Focus + Paysauce

Streamline your business with our PaySauce payroll integration

Cash Manager Focus and PaySauce, better together

Maximise your time and keep up to date with the latest payroll standards with our new PaySauce integration. Each time you process a payroll run in PaySauce, the transaction details are posted directly to Cash Manager Focus and auto-coded to the related wage, PAYE and KiwiSaver codes.

Pay Sauce

More about PaySauce

With PaySauce's smart apps, staff can submit timesheets, enter leave info, and sign contracts or other important documents all on the go. No more chasing your team for paperwork.

With one touch, PaySauce will calculate wages, PAYE, and other payroll obligations, and even make your payments by direct debit and complete PAYE filing with Inland Revenue.

Handle pay day in minutes, so you can get back to the important stuff.

Getting started with Cash Manager Focus and PaySauce is easy

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