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New Dairy Forecaster released

“What I like about it is how you can see the whole season’s production on the one page, you can easily adjust your forecasts and you have integrated the Capacity Adjustment. It’s a pleasure to use.”

Sandy Bidwill, Equity Partner Pahautea Ltd Partnership Dairy Farm, Wairarapa

Using the dairy forecaster online* means accessing the latest dairy prices updates with a single click. The impact of dairy price changes on annual revenue can be seen immediately.

The new dairy forecaster makes it easier to monitor your annual dairy revenue as prices change. Get an accurate picture of how your production is tracking; selecting your dairy company in the dairy forecaster automatically configures the capacity adjustment and production year dates.

Learn more about the dairy forecaster in the release highlights and our HelpCentre.

*Being connected via the cloud is what makes automated price updates possible. To find out about moving online – phone our TransferTeam 0800 888 080.

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