Product updates

What’s new in Cash Manager Focus

We're always working on new ways to make business easier for farmers and their partners. Take a look at some our favourite improvements and feature updates:

February 2019

Do you have multiple Farmlands accounts?

Now you can enjoy the automated Farmlands feed for all your Farmlands accounts in your farm business.  Find out more

February 2019

Import ‘Other’ bank transactions

For banks not listed below, you can now select ‘Other’ and  import bank transactions using a generic .qif file. Find out more

November 2019

Want to see trends in your farm business?

Now you can view up to 5 years of actual data in the Trends report.  Find out more

November 2019

Financial Year Items

Now you have more visibility of financial year items  in your plan. These are items that have an invoice or event date in past or future years. Find out more

November 2019

Due to popular demand!

New Draft Plan Cash Manager Focus

Save time and create a new Draft or Working plan using existing actual data.
All you need to do is tweak the plan to suit the scenario you’re building it for.
Find out more

September 2019

A new look

Reports in Cash Manager Focus

We’ve made changes to the look and feel of the navigation bar, making it easier for you to move around Cash Manager Focus.

August 2019

More information from your bank

Particulars’ information from your bank transactions are now visible in the Needs Action screen.  You can also use this information to create bank transaction coding rules. Find out more

August 2019

We've enhanced coding rules

Save time by automatically applying coding rules to transactions.  They’ll go straight to the Completed screen without needing to be reviewed, leaving only transactions that need your attention. Find out more

June 2019

Farm Source statements made simple with Focus

Your monthly Farm Source statement can now be synced with Focus. Once you have entered your Farm Source details into Focus, you will receive your statement automatically every month.

April 2019

Export to APS, MYOB and Xero

Stop double handling and reduce data entry errors with Export to General Ledger. With just a few clicks you’ll have a CSV file that lists coded transactions ready to import into your general ledger software.

April 2019

Stay on top of compliance with new GST features

Now you can easily update your Focus GST frequency to match your IRD filing frequency.

You can also download and print a copy of your finalised or draft GST return and keep your records up to date.


April 2019

Manual Bank Balancing

If you’re manually importing bank transactions, you can now enter your actual closing balance from the bank directly into the Bank Account Balancing screen.

April 2019

Additional livestock payments

Record additional payments such as pool and loyalty payments, as well as livestock related deductions using the new livestock event ‘Other’.

November 2018

Get the big picture of your farm’s performance

Get the big picture view of farm performance and profitability with the new Economic Farm Surplus (EFS) report. Measure your physical and cash performance using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that are specific to your farm business.

November 2018

Quick and easy end of year Accountants Report

Now it’s even easier for your accountant to sort your end of year accounts. The Accountants Annual report summarises your business’s financial activity each financial year. It’s made up of seven key sections, from the Bank Statement Summary to an annual Livestock Reconciliation.

November 2018

Create professional Tax Invoices in minutes


Cash Flow is essential for farm businesses, and invoicing plays an integral part in its success or failure. If you need to send out invoices throughout the year for grazing, selling feed etc, you’ll now be able to create professional looking invoices and track corresponding payments right from the actuals screen in Focus.

November 2018

Say goodbye to your address book

Save time and store your supplier and customer contact details like email, telephone and address all in one place. Use these contacts when you’re completing an invoice or transaction – ensuring the information is accurate and saving you time from manually re-entering contacts every time you need them.

September 2018

Streamline your business with our PaySauce integration

Each time you run a pay, PaySauce will post the details directly to Cash Manager Focus waiting to be matched to the corresponding bank transaction. Farm codes can be automatically applied so you know exactly where your payroll spend is going. 

August 2018

Say goodbye to your address book

You can now add notes to transactions and invoices to record additional information, notes for your accountant, reminders, and more.

August 2018

Get help on the go with Live Chat Support

Chat to our team, search our HelpCentre, and get the answers to your questions right from Cash Manager Focus. It’s a quick and easy way to get in touch with our friendly support team! 

August 2018

Recording livestock weights + more on the way

You’ll now be able to record live or carcass weights on actual and planned livestock sales and purchases.

June 2018

Upload your PGG Wrightson Transactions

Save time and import your monthly PGG Wrightson transactions directly into Cash Manager Focus. Just like Farm Source transactions, each item is listed separately with additional purchase information added into the description field.

June 2018

Stay up to date with Bank Account Balancing

Keep track of your money and verify the information you have is accurate with our new Bank Balancing feature. Balancing is a quick and easy way to make sure your transactions reconcile and balance to your bank account.

June 2018

Cost Tags to help you keep track of related expenses

Cost Tags are identifiers that can be assigned to actual or planned expense items, and then used to track and analyse your spending. Perfect if you want to track both short and long-term project costs like installing a new irrigation system or tracking animal health.

May 2018

Adding attachments to invoices and transactions

We don’t often think about it, but we all spend a lot of time shuffling through invoices and receipts. Now you can add documents to invoices and transactions in Cash Manager Focus. You’ll no longer have trouble finding what you need, when you need it.

May 2018

Import Farm Source Statements

Now you can save time and import your monthly Farm Source statement directly into Cash Manager Focus. Each item is listed separately with additional purchase information added into the description field.

May 2018

Enhanced Security

To help maintain the security of your farm business we’ve introduced a new ‘time out’ feature. If you’re inactive in Cash Manager Focus for 30 minutes you’ll be automatically logged out of your current session, keeping your data secure.