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Scan my Bills will reduce data entry time with its free, automated invoice scanning and document storage service, giving you accurate records every time.

The Scan my Bills pilot is underway, with the pilot group testing the newest feature from Cashmanager RURAL.

Martinborough dairy farmers Sally and Willy Bosch are involved in the pilot phase and, while it has meant adjusting their system, Sally believes it will be a time saver once up and running.

“I love the idea of no filing, no more paper,” she says. “I do really like it and think it’s proactive of Cashmanager RURAL. It’s simple and very easy to use – it’s just getting the hang of it.

“The number one thing I’m looking forward to and can see the most benefit from is not necessarily that we will have a paperless office, but that when Willy and I sit down to budget and look forward, trying to make money for the future, we won’t have to dig through old invoices. We can click a button and the invoice is right there.”

Sally is in the early stages of using Scan my Bills and still working out the best system for her. Previously she had used a manual basket system, stamping invoices with ‘paid’ and then moving them from the top to bottom basket.

“As email invoices come in I flick them through to Cashmanager RURAL and I have a filing system within my inbox, with a folder for each month. Willy and I will need to sit down each month and check before I pay them. At the moment the folder is called ‘April’, but once they are paid I will change the name to ‘April paid’.”

Customers taking part in the pilot will provide feedback and help us to fine tune the product. It will eventually be rolled out to the rest of our Cashmanager RURAL clients next month.


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