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We’re excited to share our newest innovation with you – Scan my Bills.

Coming soon, Scan my Bills will reduce data entry time with its free, automated invoice scanning and document storage service, giving you accurate records every time.

Cashmanager RURAL’s new innovations, like bank feeds, trader imports and now Scan my Bills enable reliable, accurate data, direct to you. Transactions and invoices simply arrive automatically when you log on to Cashmanager RURAL.

These features are complementary and are intended to be used together.

Scan my Bills is currently in pilot phase with a group of customers, who will provide feedback and help us to fine tune the product.

It will be rolled out to the rest of our Cashmanager RURAL online clients in June 2016.


  • Sally says:

    Our area has terrible slow, satelite internet which doesnt support online cashmanager. What would be a time saver is to be able to File our GST and PaYe directly from CASH MANAGER rather than having to log everything in again on the IRD website. I believe that MYOB and Zero now have this option

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