Cashmanager RURAL FAQs

We have put together a list of Cash Manager Focus FAQs for our existing Cashmanager RURAL clients.

Cash Manager Focus is the next generation of Cashmanager RURAL. It is a new product and has been built from the ground up with a new, modern design that is easy to use and is suitable for all computer types, tablets and iPads.

Stage 1 of our new product, Cash Manager Focus is available now and is a great starting point for those who are new to CRS Software products.

However, we don’t recommend Stage 1 Focus for existing clients as your data is not able to be moved over yet. Additionally, some features you’ll recognise in Cashmanager RURAL aren’t available until stage 2 for example the EFS report and Enterprising.

Getting everything right for our existing clients is our priority!

It is also really important that you are able to take all your information with you when you move, so that you can still access all your valuable historical data, for trends and decision making. To make this possible we are in the process of building a migration tool that will make the move from Cashmanager RURAL to Cash Manager Focus really easy and straightforward.

It is really modern with a fresh new look, but still feels familiar.  We have kept the Cashmanager RURAL features that our clients like, but made some changes that will make it much easier to use.

Not yet, the migration tool will make it possible to move your data to Cash Manager Focus but you won’t be able to see that in your Cashmanager RURAL product. We will email you to let you know when the migration tool is up and running and you will need to type in a web address to get started.

Cash Manager Focus is a modern design. It looks different to Cash Manager RURAL and there will be things to learn. Our initial client testing went really well, most of the farmers found it easy to use. We have also geared up our client support services, both on the phone and online, so there will be plenty of help available.

“Cash Manager Focus seems to be streamlined to the current system, so it’s not a huge shell shock or overwhelming,” Initial client feedback.

Yes you will be able to. The migration tool will connect up to Cashmanager RURAL Online, so you will need to transfer your desktop databases to Cashmanager RURAL online and then, when the time comes, you will be able to move them straight over to Cash Manager Focus. Visit: www.crssoftware.co.nz/support/upgrade-to-online

Cash Manager Focus has been developed as an eco-system that will include the ability for debtor software to connect to Cash Manager Focus. Clients will be able to connect debtor specific software long term. We will keep you updated on this.

Initially, Cash Manager Focus is available for New Zealand clients. There is further development work required to comply with Australian GST legislation. We will be in touch with our Australian clients when this development has been completed.

There will be the ability for specialised payroll software to connect to Cash Manager Focus. We haven’t included a wagebook in Cash Manager Focus, but clients will be able to connect certain payroll software over time.

Intially Cash Manager Focus will be available to purchase as a single farm option, this includes all features of the product for one farm database.

We aren’t recommending current clients move just yet. It would be a completely fresh start, as we are unable to transfer your data or subscription until the migration is available.  Once data has been entered into Cash Manager Focus we are unable to import Cashmanager RURAL data across.

You are welcome to start fresh with Cash Manager Focus, but you will be required to start a new subscription