Personalised Training

In-depth, one-on-one training, over the phone.

Personalised training uses your data

When you book a training session, you will be using your own data. This means you can get stuck into the detail straight away and learn handy strategies to prevent future issues. Our trainers are experts who know the program inside and out. They can help you to get more from your program, so you can use it to its full potential.

What does a training session cost?

Personalised training costs $60 + GST per half hour. All training sessions operate on a half hourly basis. If you require more time, we recommend an hour as a maximum. To book a training session email support@crssoftware.co.nz.

What could a training session cover?

Personalised training is tailored for you, and can cover any topic you would like to address. Please discuss your needs with your trainer.

Get your livestock information up to date. Learn how to:

  • set your opening stock numbers
  • age stock (behind codes)
  • enter non-cash stock movement
  • set up your business and stock values ready for reporting

Gain confidence creating and extending plans. Learn to:

  • create or extend a plan
  • navigate your cashflow
  • learn multiple ways to enter data
  • review and compare plans
  • create reports

Confidently create pay worksheets and IRD reports. Learn how to:

  • set up other party and employee details
  • understand the PAYE Calculator link
  • enter wage information, eg KiwiSaver
  • create reports for employees and IRD
  • export IR348 to IRD

Learn handy shortcuts to save you time:

  • download bank statements
  • setup autocoding
  • use shortcut keys to reconcile faster (Cashmanager RURAL only)
  • setup and create direct credits (Cashmanager RURAL only)

Because this scenario is more specialised, allow an hour.

Monitor your debtors. You will learn how to streamline routine tasks:

  • capture your clients information
  • record your products and codes for cashflow reporting
  • produce invoices, set your GST (exclusive or inclusive)
  • make payments (including negative payments and allocating to invoices)
  • close off each month, producing statements
  • run reports
  • learn quick fixes