FarmIQ integration is live – good news for red meat farmers

FarmIQ integration is live – good news for red meat farmers

The exciting new integration between Cashmanager RURAL and FarmIQ saves time and reduces effort by sharing livestock data.

It enables farmers that use both systems to send their livestock data from FarmIQ to Cashmanager RURAL. This is the beginning of a whole area of integration and co-operation between agricultural software products and other tools, which can only benefit farmers.

From 1 July, joint customers can enter stock events into FarmIQ that are automatically fed into Cashmanager RURAL – saving time and improving accuracy.

Wairarapa sheep and beef farmer Mike McCreary says the integration saves him a whole job.

He no longer spends time double checking livestock events between his FarmIQ and Cashmanager RURAL programs. With the two systems working together, he can update livestock events in one place (FarmIQ) and know that these updates will feed into Cashmanager RURAL daily.

“It saves a lot of data entry, as we have the ability to update stock events in one place.”

“I definitely have more control of my business with the two programs working together, and it gives me more accurate information.”

Mike uses Farmax, along with FarmIQ and Cashmanager RURAL to manage his farm business. He uses each piece of software for a different purpose, that together build the total picture. From weighing his bulls (Farmax), he can decide the optimal time to send to the processor (FarmIQ) and see the impact on cashflow (Cashmanager RURAL).

He can see straight away the impact of a livestock decision on his bottom line.

“It’s this information that’s essential for monitoring and tracking our business in an environment of multiple trades,” says Mike.

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