Switch to Cash Manager Focus

Switch to Cash Manager Focus

Switching from Cash Manager RURAL is easy and has so many benefits: the new tools in Focus are designed to help you save time and achieve your goals.

“I moved across to Focus earlier this year and I love it! Migration was simple – just a matter of following instructions and from there I haven’t looked back.”
Chipinga Farming, Napier

All the things you love

Cash Manager Focus is the next generation of Cashmanager RURAL with the features you know and love – just more modern and intuitive.

There are a few differences when it comes to Debtors, Wagebook and Enterprises. If you use any of these features please read our article below.

Watch the videos below to familiarise yourself with Focus before you begin.

What you need to know


Switching is easy - you can do it any time!


Cash Manager Focus is already used by thousands of New Zealand farmers. 


Focus costs the same as RURAL and your current subscription is a carried over.


Your transactions are moved securely from RURAL to Focus.

You can also move across your ...

Customised codes and other parties/contacts

Current budgets

Automated feeds

Farm business details


Bank accounts

PLEASE NOTE: Focus is not yet set up to work with the Australian tax obligations, so is not yet available for our Australian customers. We are always looking at how we can improve Focus for all of our clients so stay tuned!

The 4 steps to switch

Familiarise yourself with what to expect when you switch from RURAL to Focus by hovering over the steps below to find out more…

Need more help on these steps ? 

Ready to make the move to Focus?

Questions about switching?

These easy-to-follow articles have everything you need to know about moving to Focus.

Join a webinar to find out how to get the most out of Focus.

We’d love to hear from you if you have a question, big or small.

“Focus really impressed and, contrary to my first thoughts, making the switch was super easy.
Focus is definitely the next generation of accounting software that farmers know and have trusted for years – now its cloud-based, portable, easy to use and switch to.”

DAN AND JACQUI COTTRAL - Sheep and beef farmers

Before you start you’ll need to confirm the following:

  • You are the registrar

    You must be the registrar (subscription owner) of the Cashmanager RURAL farm business you want to migrate

  • You have completed a spring clean

    A spring clean has been completed today on the farm business you want to migrate

  • Your coding is up to date

    Code any waiting transactions (Bank or Farmlands) in Cashmanager RURAL