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Westpac bank customers are the latest to benefit from the Cashmanager RURAL online automated bank feed release.

Bank feeds allow transactions to arrive automatically, saving you time and boosting productivity. The feed is very secure and transactions arrive daily. The only thing you need to do is complete the set up, Cashmanager RURAL online does the rest.

Rabobank, ANZ, and ASB customers currently receive automatic bank feeds, now Westpac customers can benefit as well.

It’s simple to get underway, follow the process below and within a couple of weeks your transactions will be arriving automatically into Cashmanager RURAL online.


For more information see our help centre or step-by-step video.

Automated bank feeds are not available for desktop customers. To switch to Cashmanager RURAL online please click here or call support on 0800 888 080


  • Richard says:

    A couple of weeks to connect westpac Feed?? Tonight I just finished testing Wave (a free online accounting software – based in Canada, by the way…) and it linked into my westpac account within seconds. [But sadly, i did find it would not be easy to do a “nz GST Return” lol!]

    • Rebecca Harper says:

      Hi Richard, thanks for the message.
      We allow approximately 14 days to process all automated bank feeds (not just Westpac). This is due to the arrival time of the physical authority form and the processing times with both parties. As soon as we receive the authority form we will make contact with both the customer and Westpac, and aim to process the application as soon as possible.
      With regards to Wave, our process is more secure. Wave uses a third party provider, which means you supply your details to a third party. We deal directly with the banks so it takes longer, but there is no third party in the middle.
      The Cashmanager team

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